Berat Flugaj

Photographer, videographer
Self-taught photographer, art student.
All photos here taken by me and processed by me.
My work is published in different fashion, tourist and governmental magazines, books, UNIFEM publications. Also NGO's have published and used my work for civilian crisis management books and magazines.

Work experience as photographer, videographer and designer, European Union Group on Training, Finland, Denmark and Sweden, Ministry of the Interior Finland, Crisis Management Centre Finland, ICT Future Tech ltd, EUPT Kosovo, EULEX, etc


Canon eos 5D MKII
Canon eos 5D

70-200 f2.8 L
17-40 f4L
50mm 1.4
sigma 105mm Macro F2.8
70-300mm IS EF

canon speedlite 430EX

shopping list:
EF 85mm f/1.2L II

All photography and content are copyright © Berat Flugaj. All rights are reserved world wide. None of these photographs may be reproduced and/or used publicly in any way without the written permission of Berat Flugaj. If you are interested in using my pictures, please contact me at berat.flugaj [at] .

Republic of Kosova

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    haxhinexha says:

    "One needs to wake up one day, trying persuade the others doing the right thing, feeling the obligations and exhausting words, fulfil rating achevements in higher peaks, the two last your shots fascinated me so much and they also obliged me to try to write about a photographer who deserves more than these words. HIs two last shots show his talent and his imagination.
    Future is yours, collaboration with others means success."

    June 18th, 2010

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    ejlli_mne says:

    "Great photographer!
    Congratulations on your work!"

    June 27th, 2008

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    Mimoza Veliu says:

    "berat ia a great photographer. i love his work."

    March 30th, 2008

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    LA Lassie says:

    "Berat was one of my first flickr friends when I joined back in February 2006. If I needed help with anything concerning flickr (as a new member) he was always ready to give me the help I needed. Our friendship grew and I've considered him and his family as part of my own for some time now. It's wonderful to view his stream and see the world as he sees it. Each photograph tells you some thing about him: He loves nature and being in the great outdoors. No matter where he goes, I go with him "in spirit" through his photography. Thank you, Berat for being such a dear friend. Congratulations also to you and your family as Kosova has finally become an Independent State. "Urime - Urime""

    February 20th, 2008

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    Adnan Asllani says:

    "Doni të shihni fotografi të një krijuesi të mirëfilltë? Këto padyshim janë fotografitë e Beratit, të cilin as nuk e njoh as e kam takuar ndonjëherë. Fotografitë e tij i shoh me shumë kënaqësi dhe ndjej edhe një pjesë timen në to!"

    February 5th, 2008

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    trimkabashi says:

    "eh Berat, Berat... me ja nis me shkrujt - s'kisha dit me perfundi. Le te thom vec thjeshte - mjeshter je!

    You're a master."

    July 16th, 2007

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    F R E I G E I S T says:

    "All i can say for the moment, about this excellent albanian photographer is this: he seems to be very talented and also born for a Professional Photographer. My Compliments to you Dear Berat and accept please my sincere good wishes.



    July 5th, 2007

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    the näyrde von göbbels says:

    "berat is god."

    June 10th, 2007

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    Sadati says:

    ""Every time I visit Berat's photos, my jaw always drops and I find myself saying "How the heck did he do that?" There are a lot of great photographers on here, but only a few brightly burning stars. Berat is one of them. His amazing work keep me striving for that elusive perfection that graces each and every one of his photos."

    All the best Sadat!"

    May 4th, 2007

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    Labinot Iberdemaj says:

    "spo di qka me shtu tjeter...e ki ni portfolio extremisht te qart edhe padyshim qe po me pelqen puna jote...Te gjitha te mirat, Labinoti"

    February 28th, 2007

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    shaban1 says:

    "To view Berat's photostream is to see some incredible work. Here is a excellent photographer who is a true artist.
    Keep up doing excellent work.
    All the best Shaban"

    November 1st, 2006

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    Amir.S. says:

    "Berat is a fine young man with excellent skills for photography. His vision, ideas and what is more, his interest make all of us (as viewers of his photostream) wish to see his photos more often. Berast has improved a lot and he keeps on improving. I have no doubt that a rich career is waiting for him in the field of photography."

    March 6th, 2006

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    azem says:

    "As he is my best friend, we went through a lot of things together. One thing we have in common is Photography. Berat was involved in photography even before I even had a camera, his photography skills made me follow his steps and become a photographer too, I can hardly wait until he uploads a photo and everytime he does that, I get breathless from such brilliant photos of his. Thanks Berat for inspiring me and keeping it going... don't stop, you're definitely in the right track."

    January 28th, 2006

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    morning_rumtea says:

    "He is a nice guy with a bright smile and a shine eyes. I really love his pictures. Through his pictures I can see his view of life, so lively and lovely :)
    Keep going Berat."

    October 24th, 2005

Berat Flugaj
June 2005
Lipjan-Prishtina, Kosovë
I am:
Male and Taken