I'm a kid in an adults body. Of course i never want to grow up despite having adult responsibility, but I'm creative and thus I'm a creative kid with responsibility. I love to travel and I've experienced close to thirty countries and over fifty different cultures, hence i love lo live on the edge of life and push the boundaries, including the newest possible technology i can mess with to push my threshold of intelligence to extreme measures.



Then there's jobs I've done or have been part of; like working for the country of Africa or building a rocket ship to Mars; including a perpetual motion machine to put in it. However we're having problems with ra-men and getting it started. Whatever.



I speak English as a first language, but I'm mostly fluent in Spanish as well. I can understand words and sentences in French, German, Portuguese, Chinese and Hawaiian Pidgin. I'd like to be fluent in French and Arabic someday, but for now I'm mostly trying to concentrate on html and php.



So far life's been a fantastic journey located in San Diego. I hope to see you again to share it with me. For now click on my website, check my reviews or just sit and listen to my play list shuffle. Whatever you decide I hope you take a risk or go for a jump somewhere. It's life and you only live twice.



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  • JoinedSeptember 2006
  • OccupationInventor, Artist, Graphic Designer
  • HometownSan Diego
  • Current cityWarsaw
  • CountryPoland


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