Ben Leto was a professionally uncelebrated novelist, self-appointed dilletantish libertine and town drunk in the early half of the 21st Century. Predominately itinerant since leaving Highgate, North London, Leto has been sighted more than once in West London's Chiswick, St Andrews in North East Fife, Powys in South Wales and Cairo, with further unconfirmed sightings in Vancouver, British Columbia. Despite fervent insistences to the contrary, only one of his reputed novels exists in a complete state, though much of his work survives in an unattributable and occluded subconscious influence. Since his mysterious disapperance shortly before his 28th birthday, Leto's existence perpetuates itself as only a brief and enigmatic mention - an accident of thought or slip of the tongue. There are even those who deny he ever truly existed.

A lot of people like to use my images on Flickr on their blogs and personal websites. That's great, thanks! You're very welcome to do so but please remember to attribute the work as mine and do please link back to the original image.

I don't allow commercial works from my photos without permission. I'm not making any money from putting my images up here so it's a bit cheeky if you try to.

For further info please have a look at the Creative Commons license I often use but do remember to check the license on the individual image first.

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    jeremiahandrews says:

    "Ben Leto is an artist of the written word and his photography is amazing and tells many stories. His works are some of my favorites in reading not to mention many of his thought provoking imagery in prose or in photography. Ben's writing is an important addition to the world of the written word."

    June 11th, 2007

Ben Leto
February 2007
London, UK
I am:
Former writer, lapsed comedian, sensible geek, tired drunk, reluctant pescetarian, wannabe Med student and unconvincing gaylord.
The Boy Who Could But Didn't
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