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You are probably clicking on my profile to see who I am and why I just favorited one of your uploads. Understandable. Probably because it features pixels, or a squid, or LEGO bricks, or me. I offer, as evidence, my other favorites:


Thanks for making whatever you made, that pixel/squid/picture of me is totally awesome! I suggest printing out your favorites every once in a while and putting them up on your fridge. This is not an idea I had, it was my awesome wife's idea, plus she takes way better pictures than me.

I mostly upload pictures of stuff that I work on, which means screenshots of software and pictures of my yard and garden and pixel drawings of squid and zombies or LEGO. I also like to share pictures of stuff I buy, because I buy lots of cool looking shit. Or at least I think it looks cool. MY POKEMONS ARE NOT KNICKKNACKS, OK GUYS?

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    Kris Krug says:

    "May your succulent earlobes ever flap about my knees like a thousand wooden pigeons fleeing the local sawmill."

    April 28th, 2006

Ben Brown
February 2004
Derwood, MD
Austin, TX, USA
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