Futurist Sculptor & Experience Designer. My metal art is a celebration of the affection we have for technology, bringing digital themes out from behind the glass. my blog covers design, tech, art and the human experience that connects them together. www.xdvoice.com , belveal.net/

After twenty years designing software for real people across a spectrum of technologies and circumstances, I have a lot to say about the personal and cultural impact of technology and design on the human experience. I am now bringing this into an earthy tangible art form I have named TechXpressionism.

Being true to my roots, it is genuine sculptural forms in mainly steel and concrete. Nevertheless, this is just the medium. An experience is the real creation.

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Roger Belveal
April 2009
Lebanon, Oregon
Frisco, TX, United States
I am:
Male and Taken
UX Designer and Metal Sculptor
Belveal Art & Design