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    ~ The Spudzinator ~ aka: ghall says:

    "Miss Gooch and I met through my cat.
    Yes, life is really, that silly.
    During the evolution of our friendship, Miss Gooch has educated me with fancy words of whit along with styles and things I had never heard of.
    Miss Gooch is a rare find. A wonderful artist. A positive contribution to the world. A true friend. Thank you for the love.
    Gary and Mitzy (the ditzy kitzy cat)"

    October 12th, 2006

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    Miss HP says:

    "My friend, Miss BG: Bloody Genius"

    September 22nd, 2006

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    dingbat2005 says:

    "Nancy comments on my photos and I value her input, She post the most lovely photographs and long may she reighn"

    August 12th, 2006

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    consolejockey says:

    "Nancy is the closest thing you'll ever meet to an actual bona fide angel. And aside from her weird fascination and cravings for okra, be it pickled for fried, she is pretty much the coolest person I know."

    July 25th, 2006

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    texapocalypse says:

    "I don't know Nancy very well but I can tell you this: she is pretty, nice, and fun to be around. Plus she expressed an interest in seeing Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, so she possesses a certain amount of bravery (or masochism)."

    July 12th, 2006

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    thejanius says:

    "what level of veganism is a Jainist (one who only eats things that fall off of trees/plants)?"

    May 24th, 2006

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    Alt.Frames says:

    "One part cuore Cthulhu, two parts aged tequila, one part enlarged right side of the brain. Mix well, sprinkle a dash of multi-sprectal visions, and a healthy spoonful of carefully crafted words. Serve warm, like sun-baked Southwestern adobe. That is Nancy. And she takes pictures better than yo' mama, too."

    April 29th, 2006

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    DerrickT says:

    "Nancy is "poetry" in the tachytelic quadral: (1) Artistic (2) Textual 'Anime' (3) Spiritual and (4) Habitual Kindness. I always enjoy visiting her page to see what has morphed! ...and her hair is non-leiotrichous, she appears as though she could probably cook well and I bet you she has a spontaneous combustion of creativity ready to escape her fabulous mindbarrage, but that is beside the point.

    Shine on...
    on and on!"

    April 10th, 2006

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    Zuzu*Petals says:

    "She is responsible for teaching me about depth of field. Of course, when I use the phrase, it's never in a photography context.

    She takes pretty pictures and writes pretty words. She's a nice kid, too. Good clean fun. Except when she's photographing dirt."

    March 24th, 2006

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    lapinfille says:

    "Stylish and modest artist with wit and great hair. Apt photographer who sees poetry in pavement. You know your cute friend who can do everything but you love anyway? That's Bellagooch."

    March 23rd, 2006

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