I'd rather be out shooting than in front of my computer, but I will never let an image out into the world unless I've brought out the best in it through post-processing.
- Steve Simon

I got really going on Flickr in March 2007. Since then it has done nothing, but sucked up my time and inspired me to go out and take more photos. Thanks for over 2 million total views by 2014.

Note that most of my photos have all rights reserved. I have allowed my contacts to use my photos for blogging (you must link back to my image on Flickr); everyone else, please ask. I frequently grant limited rights to use my photos with the appropriate attribution and links back to my flickr page and many of them are available for sale.

Please look here if you are interested in any of my photos for your "My Dream Stable".

If you have no photos of your own in your photostream and I do not know you then you may be blocked. If you fav, comment, or make me a contact and your photostream is not suitable to show to my kids, you will be blocked (well over 300 are already blocked, so perhaps no one reads this). Please do not spam my photo stream. That includes inserting a bunch of photos or big badges in comments. Thumbnail size badges or a single thumbnail size photo would probably survive.

Thanks for all your group invitations or invitations to post. Please do not be offended if I do not always respond. I do my best to read all your comments, but sometimes there is not enough time to respond. If you comment or fav any of my photos, do not be surprised if I pop over to your stream and add you as a contact.

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Photographic Biography
I've been taking photos since I was about 6, mostly for fun. I started my photographic life with a "Charlie the Tuna" Instamatic camera. I later graduated to a Petri Racer 35mm rangefinder that I got from my grandfather; I used this in the late 70s. Through high school I owned a Chinon CE-4 and later a CE-4s. After high school I kept my Pentax mount lenses, but switched to Pentax MX bodies. Except for this annoying problem where the shutter would give up at inopportune moments they were great, simple, light weight cameras. After giving up on the MX, I switched to Nikon gear and haven't looked back since.

I am now on my fifth Nikon (FM, FA, F100, D200, D700) and all digital. What a different world. No time in the darkroom or waiting for the lab to finish up. Unfortunately it remains as hard as ever to get a good photograph. You just get to see the bad ones faster. How different things might have been if I was growing up today!

Most of my photography these days tends to be centered on my kids or dogs, with only the occasional chance for something different. Pretty well everything on this site is scanned direct from film on a Nikon Coolscan III or 5000 or from my D200 or D700.

Where I have included it, the numbering system is based on the date of the photograph, date of processing, or, for older images, an approximate date. The number after that date is the roll number (in case there was more than one) and the final number is taken from the neg or slide frame number (similar thing for digital except there are no actual rolls of film).

Please contact me if you are interested in using or purchasing any of my images. Most photos have all rights reserved.

My Photographic Style
You would not have to browse my images for too long to see that I am not exactly a fine artist (though I wish I could pull some of that off some time). I shoot what I see when I see it. Occasionally it looks nice enough to post for others to see.

Feel free to give comments that will help me improve my technique or style. I always appreciate the "good job" and "nice", but I also welcome ways I could do things better (or differently).

My Gear
Nikon D810
Nikon D700
Nikkor 85 f/1.4G
Nikkor TC-20E III
Nikkor TC-14E II
Nikkor 70-200 AFS VR f/2.8
Nikkor 14-24 AFS f/2.8
Nikkor 24 AF-D f/2.8
Nikkor 50 AF f/1.4
Nikkor 35 f/2.0
Nikkor Micro 55 f/3.5
Nikkor PK-13
Nikon SB800, SB80, SB28
Gitzo G1258 tripod
Gitzo G1276M head

My Old Gear
Nikon D200
Nikkor Micro 105 f/4
Noct-Nikkor 58 f/1.2
Nikkor 80-200 AF-D f2.8
Nikkor 17-55 AF-G DX f2.8
Nikon F100
Nikon FA
Nikon FM
Pentax MX SN 9183532
Pentax MX SN 4017173
Chinon CE4s SN 339576
Chinon CE4 SN 259616
Chinon 1:1.9 50mm SN 689987
Kiron 28-85 1:2.8–3.8 SN 1540540
SMC Pentax-M 1:1.7 50mm SN 3662250
SMC Pentax-M 1:4 200mm SN 6106905

Countries I have visited (sorry, not all are equally represented in my current photostream).

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or vertaling Duits Nederlands

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    ☆▄█▀▄▀█▄☆ says:

    "He has some of the most amazing photos i've seen on Flickr....

    Very Good Job Indeed...!"

    November 29th, 2010

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    RJB10 says:

    "Russ, your pictures are very inspiring and so sharp! I also like the angle in which you see your subjects they are always a pleasure to look at :)"

    July 22nd, 2010

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    Jockaye says:

    "Russ, you have taken so many beautiful photos that capture a moment perfectly. You have also been really supportive to me as I try to learn what makes a good photo. Thanks loads."

    June 4th, 2007

Russ Beinder
February 2007
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Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada
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