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CARF Brazil
was established by Gregory J. Smith in São Paulo, in 1993. Gregory had already established The Children At Risk Foundation – CARF Norway in 1992, determined to benefit the street children of Brazil by defending their rights and offering them a dignified and definitive solution so that they could live and grow within a family-oriented context and healthy social environment.

In the initial years, Gregory gained valuable practical experience by living with the children on the streets and motivating them to leave such a negative and self-destructive environment, offering them an alternative home and lifestyle on a smallholding in the urban periphery of Diadema - SP.

During the last decade, the experience gained guided the organisation to create its Street Migration Prevention Programme to prevent vulnerable children and young people at risk from running away from their homes to live on the streets, developing this together with at-risk community children and abandoned street children in the process of leaving the streets. The essence of the work lies in the interest taken in and the knowledge of the personal situation of each child or young person, from the very first moment he or she becomes involved with our organisation.

Due to the success of this programme, CARF was forced to seek new solutions to cope with growing demands and in 2001 the Hummingbird Arts & Cultural Activity Centre became a reality. This allowed the organisation to expand its capacity from 80 children and young people to more than 600 attended in 2004. Due to our partnership with local municipal schools in 2007 the number of children attended by our programme topped a 1.000. In 2008 the organisation reached out to neighbouring communities with the implementation of smaller nuclei to attend the needs of more children in underprivileged favela communities, attending more than 2.000 children and their families.

CARF’s Street Migration Prevention Program is aimed at helping former street children and other at-risk community children in São Paulo, creating pathways of opportunity and a more dignified life. Most of our target population come from one of the most deprived and violent areas in the entire state of São Paulo, in situations of extreme poverty and social vulnerability. Many have special needs and require closer attention due to their unstructured family situation, which in some cases causes total neglect.
In addition, the centre supports the demands of our rehabilitation programme, serving the needs of already rescued street children or those coming off the streets

The programmes of The Hummingbird Activity Centre are primarily preventive in nature and promote the confidence, character, competence, and "connectedness" of that population to their family, peers, and community. They provide a range of support and services in such areas as vocational training, health education, recreation, cultural understanding - tolerance and expansion, racial reconciliation, artistic expression, environmental awareness, and the development of youth leadership involving conflict resolution and decision-making skills.

The main Programmes carried out at present at the Hummingbird Activity Centre can be divided into three main groups:

Sporting Activities:
These promote corporal skills, spacial and bodily awareness, integration, team work, concentration, discipline and help cultivate a competitive spirit, all concepts that are essential for social interaction, living together and personal health care.

Artistic and Cultural Development:
These cater for the cultural, artistic and aesthetic qualities of life with an emphasis on development of the creative potential, awakening skills and talents that, when used with free expression, can become useful instruments of self-development, communication and training.

Vocational Training & Youth Entrepreneurship:
These allow training through constructive and interactive work, awakening vocations and talents through guidance and access to specialist spheres, dynamics and techniques as well as encouraging the use of professional equipment and material.

The stated aim of the Hummingbird Street Migration Prevention Programme, to work for social inclusion without discrimination and its recognised competence in carrying out projects, is the distinguishing feature of our work on social intervention. Through the serious commitment and dedication with which we carry out our work, and the good results we have had in cooperative projects with other agencies, the partnerships and dialogues with CARF as an external agent for cooperative ventures has grown and strengthened.

We realise that unfortunately we do not have the capacity to help all those who come to us. We regret this even more when we converse with these children and see their eagerness, hope and need to take part in our programme, to dedicate their time to constructive activity and to find a different direction from that of self-destruction taken by so many others before.

All we can do is to take on as much as possible in order to transform in a positive way the lives of these children and young people. We know that we have succeeded and this gives us the strength to carry on with our work despite the limitations and challenges that occur every day.

Our VISION is to become a referential solution, not only for street children, but also for any other child at risk in Brazil or elsewhere in the world, but to do that we also depend on your help. Please visit our WeBlog ChildrenAtRisk-STREETKIDS for more details and updates on our work in Brazil.

Contributions from the Flickr community can be made on our Changemakers Campaign Page

Christmas donations from the Flickr community can be made on our Reaching for a Star Campaign Page

Please see the Abril 2006 edition of the interesting online photo magazine Beyond Shotz, where there is a 22-page article about our work with street children and other children at risk in Brazil.


Address in Brazil:
Fundação Criança em Risco - CARF Brasil
ECBF - Espaço Cultural Beija-Flor
Estrada Pedreira Alvarenga 2343
Eldorado, 09971-340 Diadema - SP




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    izolag says:

    "Aqui, se encontra as coisa mais belas as fotografia e nosso futuro os pequenos, espero que possa contribuir no processo CARF.Parabens pelo trabalho e pela causa.
    O MELHOR fotografo!SAMA!
    valew mestre.

    August 4th, 2008

  • view profile

    KathyAAdams says:

    "Gregory is a person I am extremely pleased to have 'met' here on flickr. He has wowed me continuously with his photography and his strong drive to make a difference in children in extreme need. In many ways Gregory is a kindred spirit and in other ways a mentor."

    April 13th, 2008

  • view profile

    Jill. Coleman says:

    "Gregory is a photgrapher who makes a difference! My admiration and respect for your work and your heart."

    April 3rd, 2008

  • view profile

    equal rake says:

    "Superb photos you have Greg. all of them has a story and touching.
    i salute you for the effort and your work. keep it up! salute!"

    September 10th, 2007

  • view profile

    HappyHorizons says:

    "If there has been one person that I had to name in inspiring me to shoot portraits, It has to be Greg!
    Gregory's photographs have been inspirational for me and as well to many other friends of mine.
    Each of his projects have had a strong influence on me as a person and as a photographer. His images are such that they impact you beyond the visual. I have been following his Project Hummingbird since long and each time the set if images that come are truly wonderful.
    It is only a strong desire to work on the same project some day along side Greg. And the small world that we live in, I am sure we will have that chance!
    All the best Greg in all your work!"

    May 30th, 2007

  • view profile

    Levistrauss says:

    "Altruísmo é o seu nome!

    Alguém que resolveu AMAR o Brasil!
    Amar fui uma opção de vida de nosso amigo Gregory!

    Porque o Brasil e nossas crianças? Provavelmente por não poder ficar inerte ante a tamanho descaso de nossa conjuntura e contrastes sociais.

    A solidariedade não tem nação, credo, cor, partido, idade e tempo. É uma decisão e filosofia de vida! É um paradigma a ser copiado e seguido!

    Compaixão, etmologicamente falando, é a capacidade não apenas de amar ou sentir a dor do outro. É a disposição não apenas de se colocar no lugar do outro, de sentir a dor do outro .. é a predisposição de tomar uma atitude diante da dor do outro.

    O Gregory resolveu investir num futuro! As crianças brasileiras!

    A diferença entre ele e muitos brasileiros é que, por opção, o Gregory resolveu nos amar com atitudes!

    Minha gratidão a você meu amigo!"

    December 15th, 2006

  • view profile

    Parc Cruz says:

    "Carf, I am in awe of your pictures. I cannot put in words how I feel when I saw your latest batch but I was really moved by it. It's so dramatic and at the same time speaks volumes. Wonderfully done and executed! I will be looking at your photo stream a lot more. Congratulations for these beautiful photographs!"

    November 7th, 2006

  • view profile

    sanukphoto says:

    "A real life hero. Someone who does change his sphere in this world. An amazing photographer. A poet of life. I hope one day I will have the honor to meet in person. I also wish I had the strenght and power to be like him. Not just to think like him. But to act like him. That is the difference..."

    March 16th, 2006

  • view profile

    © Tatiana Cardeal says:

    "When I came across Gregory's photostream I found much more than beautiful photographs and breathtaking work. I believe I found a lost place in my own soul, a special and sensible place where one is allowed to feel, to dream, to hope, and to believe in new ways for our world. I won't loose this place anymore.
    I found a lovely friend too.
    I believe people can share power and energy through many different forms, and decide the future of our planet. We should build justice and a future for the next generations, and it doesn't matter which country this happens in as we are all linked together.
    Looking through CARF children's expressions and histories, I see not only my real country's life and my people's reality, but also what is possible to do to change all of that.
    Better to stay and look to our future the way I wish to see it.
    Better to stay and work towards this.
    I was searching for a long time, to find the right words to write about Gregory, but I realize that I'll never find good enough words."

    June 12th, 2005

  • view profile

    Mylens* says:

    "I live in Brazil were statistics for children are an outrage.
    Our children’s and teen’s population sums up to 65 millions. Of those, millions have guns or are homeless or drug addicts or live below poverty. They have no access to health care, to education, to basic hygienic. They were left alone.

    The work Gregory does is not easy to put on words.
    Although he is a fine photographer, his labor goes far beyond that.
    Please read his stories. Please contribute with any thing you can.
    Children in need and in risk can be found all over the world.
    For example in Haiti or carfwebnet.blogsp...

    Non-Government Organizations survive, mostly, with the money provided by individuals such you and me. Flicker is an international community where, I am sure there are plenty of caring, loving hearts.
    Five dollars is not that much. However if many contribute, a five can become a thousand.
    I am honored to have crossed Gregory’s way.
    He is one of a kind. He is making a difference where indifference prevails."

    April 19th, 2005

  • view profile

    babasteve says:

    "Gregory Smith is a documentary photographer with a heart. One can see the love he has for children in general and street children / under-privileged kids in particular in every photo he takes. Look at his "Streets of India" set and immediately be transported to the sub-continent, breathing in the dust and experiencing the quiet desperation of the children. Look at his "Home Street Home" set and see first hand what it's like to be a kid on the streets of Sao Paulo. Finally, exuberate in life renewed, hope found, in Gregory's "Life After the Streets" set.

    You will enjoy the works of Gregory Smith. You will be touched by them. You will want to return over and over again to see what new he has posted. Enjoy!"

    February 15th, 2005

January 2005
Bergen, Norway
São Paulo, Brazil
Social Entrepreneur