Almost all photos here are under the Creative Commons [] Attribution (2.5) license []. Which means you can use them for most anything -- even commercial gain -- without my permission. All I require is that you let people know I took the photos and provide a link back to the photo page here on Flickr.


You can credit me as either "Brian Jeffery Beggerly" or, if you are more avant garde as just "beggs".


The full resolution version of most of my photos, un-cropped are available here. If you find one that is not full resolution or has been cropped feel free to contact me for a higher resolution and un-cropped copy.


Although it is not required by the license I would be grateful if you would please drop me a line and let me know when you use one of my photos. Also it would be nice to get a link to the final usage if it is online.


A final note: If you choose to use any photo that has as it main subject a person please be aware that that I do not have model release or image rights to any of the people in my photos. There have been lawsuits over such usage for commercial gain. Read this post on Flickr for more info.




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