A Miniature Secret Camera

I'm just okay. But your stuff? Brilliant.

If you'd like to see more of my writing and photos, visit Vegas Seven, Las Vegas' shiniest alternative newsweekly, whose pages I occupy as if I knew what democracy looked like, and DTLV, your bestest friend in Downtown Las Vegas. Also, I keep a Disneyland-inspired blog called Your Souvenir Guide, though I don't update it that often.

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    bijoubaby says:

    "beatnikside is a genius of monumental proportions...ok now, since I've gotten your attention- this culture mutant has been known to leap tall tales in a single town. he is my compass from sin city to jet city and hopefully still remembers me at my best, even when I'm too old to wonder when that is (;-D)"

    18th April, 2007

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    Char Mae says:

    "That darn Beatnikside.... his pictures are sooooo hip!!!!"

    26th March, 2007

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    twinstar0 says:

    "Geoff's pictures make me happy in my pantalones."

    3rd July, 2006

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    fsquared says:

    "If a picture's worth a thousand words, this guy's photos are a freakin' novel, and a best-selling one at that."

    26th February, 2006

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    Well Wisher says:

    "I've been aquainted with Beatnik Sidearm (freakin' GREAT name, by the way) from Live Journal for several years now but I don't know him nearly as well as I should. FANTASTIC writer and chronicler of daily events and inner thoughts, turning the everyday into a little bit of special, king music compilation maker and more. Then, there's the photography. The dude has got it seriously goin' on. A pleasure to be aquainted and I certainly mean to make further strides to know him better. Thanks for sharing your talents, thoughts and humor with the world."

    9th February, 2006

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    lolliejean says:

    "Your pictures tell so many stories and they're always stories I want to hear.

    Okay... idea coming in! ... slideshow.. Morphine's "Let's Take a Trip Together" playing under you narrating the story. Yes! Take us to beatnik land!"

    8th October, 2005

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    burnt sugar says:

    "From Las Vegas to Seattle, Beatnikside's photos define cool, nostalgia and color. He'll take you to sweaty palm moments, rollerblade highs, and technicolor amazement. He's got the right drink, the right moment, and the right comination of grumpy and gracious."

    16th August, 2005

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    schadenfreude lola says:

    "that beatnikside, he so fine."

    23rd February, 2005

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February 2005
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