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Traveller, cancer survivor, photographer, super sneaky yarnstorming graffiti knitter, adorer of animals who think they are people, lazy writer, control freak, Fleece Station-er, beagle turner-upside downer, and bookworm.

Glorious Head Woolly Godzilla Wrangler of Stitch London. London's fiesty but friendly knitting group.

Knitting the city on my own and with fellow sneaky stitchers.

Dream of attending Hogwart's a mature student, seeing the whole world with my camera, writing a book that people want to read under the covers during a thunder storm, owning a real beagle and teaching him to look regal, and saving the world from evil one stitch at a time.

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Stalk me on twitter if you feel the need @deadlyknitshade

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  • Knit The City Booklaunch! by GoshComics
  • Deadly Knitshade! by mrxstitch
  • Lettuce sandwich by mondoagogo
  • plarn squid by mondoagogo

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    Horsey of Gormenghast says:

    "Being a beagle-lover and all round avenger-of-death, Lauren rocks in every way possible. Scientific research shows that 98.283% of the worldwide population are more rubbish than Lauren. You can't really argue with figures averaged to three decimal places, can you?"

    11th November, 2007

Deadly Knitshade
October 2006
London, England
I am:
Head Woolly Godzilla Wrangler, Author, Photograher, Artist