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I'm a web guy at a college in Maryland. Photography is what I do for fun.

A quick comment on my philosphy of photography. I try to get cropping, framing, and exposure right in the first place, but I'm a big believer in at least a little post-processing using Photoshop and similar applications.

For my personal photography, my standards are closer to art photography than photojournalism. I'm doing this for fun and to get results that I like. Many of my photos have been edited in some way. In most cases it's simple curve correction or color balancing, with some mild sharpening or noise removal. In other cases I'll go further and remove distracting elements, or composite multiple shots together to form a relatively seamless whole.

When I take a picture intended to document an event in a "newsy" way then I abide by a stricter set of rules and don't mess with the content of the image. If that's the case then I'll say so. Otherwise assume the above.


• Canon EOS 40D
• Panasonic LX3
• Olympus E-P1
• Panasonic G1
• Canon EOS 10D, now a backup body.
• Lots of film cameras, most from my late father's collection.

• Epson 4990 Scanner
• Nikon Coolscan V ES film scanner

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    awillard says:

    "Bryan is a wonderful friend, co-worker, and photographer. Bryan has rekindled my love for photography. If it wasn't for him, I would probably have not picked up a camera for many years. He has taught me a lot and his knowledge is an invaluable source for answers to my many questions. It is a pleasure working with him at work and on a shoot. It has been great to see him progress through his photography. His quest for the next photograph is never far off. Whether he is shooting with a P & S or his trusty DSLR’s, he is able to capture the moment."

    December 19th, 2005

Bryan Costin
January 2005
Baltimore, Maryland
Maryland, USA
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