Fascinated mostly by analogue photography: pinholes, films, manual lenses, emulsions, alternative processes. All my images are copyrighted, and you can not use them without my permission. I appreciate comments and criticism by flickr users under my photos. However, I delete the comments that include graphics, banners or advertisement.

Pinhole - self-made cameras

For 35mm film: Matchboxes F=10mm, F=14mm

For paper negatives and glass plates:
Altoids, Barkleys etc. tins for 6x9.5cm negative, F=20mm (7.7 mm equivalent focal length)
Cardboard boxes for 6x9cm negative, F=22mm (8.8 mm equivalent focal length), F=70mm
Cider/beer cans for 15x10cm, 18x16cm negative, F=50mm
Cylindrical Bon coffee can with multiple pinholes for 15x10cm negative, F=30mm
Cylindrical (anamorph) Nescafe coffee can for 6x24cm negative, F 35-80mm
Cylindrical (anamorph) Film box for 4.3x8.5cm negative, F 15-45 mm
Beer bottle lids F=14mm
Jar lids F=18 mm
Ball tin F=70 mm

OM ZUIKO system: OM2N
RMC Tokina 100-300/5.6

M-42 system: Praktica super TL, Zenit-E, Zenit TTL
Mir-1 37/2.8
Zenitar ME1 50/1.7
Pentacon 50/1.8
Helios 44-2 58/2
Jupiter 37A 135/3.5

M-39 system: Zorki-4K, Zorki-6
Jupiter-3 50/1.5

Smena 8, Smena 8M, Agat18k, Canon Prima BF-800, Free and Easy Photo toy camera

Digital: Panasonic DMC-FZ5, Nokia C5, Samsung Galaxy SIII Neo

Scanners: Minolta Scan Dual IV, CanoScan 4400F, CanoScan 9950F, Epson Perfection 4490Photo, Epson Perfection v370

Printer for cyanotype, albumen, gum bichromate negatives: LaserJet HP1010

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Darius Batulevičius
February 2009
Kaunas, Lithuania
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