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My English is limited and not so well as it should be :(.
I love the nature and enjoy to make batiks and of course I love to take photos.

I make photos since I was a child and I took photos from all that I love ... mostly you will see nature, because it is the most that I love!

As Teenager I started with a Rolleicord 6x6 from my father, with which I have even taken the first pictures of my three now adult children. Later came a Olympus SLR and when this was stolen I got a Minolta SLR.

2006 I changed the camera and used the small and handy Canon Powershot A610. Since the end 2010 my only equipment is the Canon Powershot G11. I love the camera and it is almost always my daily companion.

It is a pleasure for me to be here on flickr ... there are so many fantastic photographers. I have learned soo much and still do ... thank you for sharing your photos and your wonderful inspirations!

If you don't find yourself any longer in my contactlist don't take it personally. Sometimes I clear my contacts and take those out who hasn't been here for a longer time ... I think they are not longer interesting in my photos.
I try to keep my contactlist small so that it is possible for me to visit my friends. More than 6.000 user added me as a contact ... this is not possible for me to return. But if you are really interested in my photos and I notice your visits then I take you to my contactlist.

Thank you a lot for your visit and interest in my photos and for your comments, invitations and faves, I appreciate them all :) !

All my photos are under my copyright. Please don't use them for any commercial or non-commercial reasons without my permission, don't hesitate to contact me.


in Aktion ...

„Die Tatsache, dass eine (im konventionellen Sinn) technisch fehlerhafte Fotografie gefühlsmäßig wirksamer sein kann als ein technisch fehlerloses Bild, wird auf jene schockierend wirken, die naiv genug sind, zu glauben, dass technische Perfektion den wahren Wert eines Fotos ausmacht.“ (Andreas Feininger)

Ich liebe die Natur und mache sehr gerne Batiken.

Ich liebe das Fotografieren eigentlich schon seit meiner Kindheit. Es ist also lange ein Hobby von mir! Ich freue mich, dass mittlerweile auch meine Kinder die Leidenschaft dafür entdeckt haben.

Ihr werdet überwiegend Naturfotos bei mir sehen, denn ich liebe das, was die Natur geschaffen hat! Ich bin einfach fasziniert davon!

Begonnen habe ich mit einer Rolleicord 6x6 von meinem Vater, mit der ich noch die ersten Bilder meiner inzwischen erwachsenen drei Kinder aufnahm. Später kam eine Olympus SLR und als mir diese gestohlen wurde eine Minolta SLR.

2006 wechselte ich die Minolta gegen die handliche und leichte Canon Powershot A610. Seit Ende 2010 benutzte ich die Canon Powershot G11. Ich liebe sie und sie ist mein täglicher Begleiter.

Ich bin begeistert von der Flickr Gemeinschaft, es gibt hier so viele fantastische Fotos und Fotografen. Durch sie habe ich schon soo viel gelernt und tue es noch … ganz herzlichen Dank, dass ihr eure Fotos zeigt und es dadurch Allen möglich macht sich so wunderbar inspirieren zu lassen!

Wenn Ihr Euch nicht mehr unter meinen Kontakten findet nehmt es bitte nicht persönlich. Ab und zu räume ich auf und nehme die Kontakte raus, die länger nicht mehr hier waren ... ich denke, dass diese nicht länger an meinen Fotos interessiert sind.
Ich versuche meine Kontaktliste klein zu halten, so dass ich auch Zeit finde die Fotos meiner Kontakte zu besuchen. Mehr als 6.000 User haben mich als Kontakt hinzugefügt, das kann ich nicht erwidern. Wenn mir auffällt, dass jemand ernsthaft an meinen Fotos interessiert ist, werde ich den Kontakt auch erwidern.

Herzlichen Dank für Euren Besuch, Euer Interesse an meinen Fotos, all die Kommentare, Einladungen und Faves, ich freue mich sehr darüber :) !


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Some of your favorites


1. House nestled in Vineyard - Fall Nature, Germany, 2. Beaufort 03: Le Vent souffle où il veut - Beach Art in De Haan Belgium, 3. All Things must pass, 4. Wheat in golden Evening Light, 5. Raindrops with the Refraction of a Green Jungle - Nature in my Garden, 6. Look straight through the Wings of the Butterfly, 7. Guessing Game: Where is the barking dog? Icy Winter Days in Germany, 8. It sounds sooo good .... Milford Sound, New Zealand, 9. Fascinating Nature - First Double Rainbow, 10. White Winter Wonderland - Boulder, USA, 11. Jellyfishes - Aquarium Donostia-San Sebastian, Spain, 12. My favorite Pose - Yoga in the Zoo, 13. Everybody loves Mecki ... the little Hedgehog in my Hand, 14. Batikart's Forest, 15. Eagle Nest on the Top of a Majestic Mountain - Gschöllkopf / Rofan, Nature in Tyrol Austria, 16. Take a Break from everyday Life in Nature ... Vineyard Fall Colors - Landscape in Germany, 17. Fairytale Castle - Burg Eltz, Germany, 18. Opera Reflections at Night - Stuttgart, Germany, 19. Vineyards Quilt of Nature in Autumn Colours, Germany, 20. Ladybug on Nettle - My Ladybug should bring you Luck - Happy New Year 2010 !!!, 21. Do you like playing with Glass Marbles?, 22. Hey ... that is my Milk !!!, 23. Afternoon Sun enchanted Autumn Landscape, 24. Autumn Walk in the Park, 25. Wait for me ... I will follow you ! - Burgundy Snail, Germany, 26. Autumn Afternoon in Park and Forest, 27. Blue Hour Architecture, Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, Spain, 28. Color Fields with Curves - Landscape near Harz Mountains, Germany, 29. The Foal and my Son in Spain - Distorted Proportions, 30. Autumn Carpet of Maple Leaves - Fall Colours, Germany, 31. Autumnal Vision, 32. Indian Summer - Fall Colors in Germany, 33. Trunk wrapped in Moss, 34. Looking for her Sweetheart - Mallard Duck, 35. Fly Agaric Mushroom - Toadstool as Lucky Charm, 36. Jewelry Box in Alsace - Colmar, France

Some of my favorites:

Autumn Lines in the Vineyard

Walk into the Unknown

Golden Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)

Everybody loves Mecki ... the little Hedgehog in my Hand

Between Columns in Berlin, Germany

Blue Hour at the Lake and in the City Schluchsee, Germany

Wheat in golden Evening Light

Batikart's Forest

White Winter Wonderland - Boulder, USA

Look straight through the Wings of the Butterfly

Jellyfishes - Aquarium Donostia-San Sebastian, Spain

Opera Reflections at Night - Stuttgart, Germany

Stairs to Classic Cars

Autumn Walk in the Park

Raindrops with the Refraction of a Green Jungle - Nature in my Garden

Beaufort 03: Le Vent souffle où il veut - Beach Art in De Haan Belgium

It sounds sooo good .... Milford Sound, New Zealand

My Ford Taunus 12M - Germany

56 on Explore .... Thank you my dear friends :) !!!:

My creation

1. Blowin' in the Wind, 2. Patiently waiting for his Dinner, 3. Are you still angry with me ?, 4. Beaufort 03: Le Vent souffle où il veut, 5. Belle Epoque beside the Sea, 6. Good Bye until Tomorrow, 7. Denver International Airport (DIA), 8. Addicted to Blue,
9. Blue Doorway, 10. Look straight through the Wings ..., 11. What a wonderful World, 12. Don't drink and drive, 13. All Things must pass, 14. King of the Arctic: The Polar Bear, 15. Crisscross, 16. Golden Seat of the Government,
17. Skyscraper Walk in Denver Downtown, 18. Tallest Building West of the Mississippi ..., 19. Sunny Way Home, 20. Blooming Coltsfoot means Spring !, 21. Lady on the Tramp, 22. Decorated with Icicles, 23. Central Inner Courtyard, 24. Fairytale Burg Eltz,
25. Guessing Game: Where is the Ice Ghost ?, 26. Golden Moment, 27. Up and Down, 28. Looking for her Sweetheart, 29. Christmas Village, 30. The most famous Place ..., 31. Castle Gate ... but where is the Castle ?, 32. One of several Towers,
33. No Money for the Roof ?, 34. Take a break from everyday life ..., 35. House nestled in vines, 36. Morning glow, 37. In the deep forest, 38. A last view ..., 39. Green, red, yellow ..., 40. New City Map of Paris ?,
41. "Blue" Jewel among mushrooms, 42. Searching the last blooming flowers, 43. Spinning Ferris wheel, 44. German Indian Summer, 45. Bedtime for the sun, 46. Autumn contrast, 47. Kleines Granatauge, 48. Smiley ...,
49. Typical of the region ?, 50. Autumn colours, 51. Delightful Ivy blossoms, 52. Red carpet to the pier, 53. Time to eat ... the pigeon, 54. Die Bären sind los ..., 55. Die Milch ist ja sooo lecker !!, 56. Knopfbatik Plangi blau

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    brainy hat says:

    "Batikart ist eine Künstlerin, die es immerwieder schafft mich mit neuen Ideen, Perspektiven und Sichweisen zu überraschen. Einmalig schöne Aufnahmen begleiten ihren Weg.
    Ich hatte das Glück sie auch persönlich kennzulernen.
    Auch das war ein toller Moment.
    Bleib so wie du bist.


    May 6th, 2013

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    Maria_Globetrotter says:

    "Uschi doesn't have the biggest camera, but with her tremendous talent for composition many of her pictures are some of the best I've seen on Flickr (I'm comparing with maybe millions of photos). She's quite all-round in her photography and mostly publishes work of beautiful nature, architecture, macros and from times her cute grandson. Uschi mostly shows pictures from her native Germany, but also from international trips. Uschi is really a sweet and loyal contact and I enjoy our friendship!"

    August 30th, 2012

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    talented quiet says:

    "Uschi....special...artist.....& great friend....
    She is amazing....her photography is magic and i love this.....
    "So much talent in your photos...creative & good works..."

    A Big Kiss....


    January 7th, 2012

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    _Zinni_ says:

    "Jedes Bild von Uschi ist ein Meisterwerk, und die begleiteten Texte dazu sind vorbildlich, es ist ein Vergnügen Ihre tolle Arbeit anzusehen!

    Auch Ihre schönen Kommentare sind eine Wucht, Uschi bereichert die Flickr-Gemeinde unwahrscheinlich und ist eine 'ganz Große' in allen Bereichen hier."

    May 15th, 2011

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    unlimited inspirations says:

    "Uschi's photostream is a wonderful choice to enjoy the beauty of nature and colours.

    I love the composition and colours through her ideas which are so inspirational and extraordinary. The colours are so identical for the seasons and I really can smell the freshness from the flowers and landscapes.

    Uschi, you are a wonderful friend and I am really happy to know you on flickr and thanks so much for your supports to me.


    April 7th, 2010

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    Len Radin says:

    "Take a tour through Uschi's photostream. You are in for a treat. She has an eclectic and aesthetic collection of images ranging from travel shots to entomological, botanical and arcitectural images. She also has images of her outstanding batik art. Uschi has been extremely active and popular on Flickr earning a huge number of faves and views on many photographs. I am most impressed, however by her as a person. She's extremely generous and warm hearted in her interactions with others in the many photo groups she is a member of. In addition, her photography speaks of a joy of life and a desire to share her talents and energies with the world. I feel honored to call her one of my favorite Flickr friends."

    July 10th, 2009

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    Lost poems says:

    "Uschi is one of those special people that you meet on flickr,
    she is giving and kind and always encouraging! I've only
    known her a shot time but I can say she has beautiful photos
    and is a great flickr friend! Thank you, and keep on posting! :)"

    June 21st, 2009

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    Mad Men Art says:

    "ArtDirector Batikart

    Congratulations - 祝贺您 - Enhorabuena - Parabéns - Félicitations - Gratulation – Congratulazioni – 축하합니다.

    World100F – QualityGroup – Marco"

    March 16th, 2009

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    thoughtless discussion says:

    "Immer wieder überrascht uns Batikart mit Ihren Fotos! Sie schafft es mit ihrer "bescheidenen Fotoausrüstung" wunderschöne Fotos zu machen und uns in erstaunen zu versetzen! Das Motiv steht bei ihr im Mittelpunkt. Vom Macro bis zum "Gewaltigen Bär" oder sehr ansprechende Landschaftsaufnahmen. Man merkt, die Bilder sind mit Freude am fotografieren gemacht!
    Liebe Batikart mach weiter so - so können wir uns an Deinen Bildern erfreuen und natürlich ganz unbescheiden Inspiration holen.
    Danke dafür!"

    October 30th, 2008

November 2007
Fellbach, Germany
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