Currently I'm trying my hand at semi-professional photography. What is semi-pro? Well that means that I still hold my day job but I have a really expensive camera and I have to justify to my wife why I bought it. So I'm trying to take photos that I can sell. In all seriousness, it's something I've wanted to do for years and just recently got the chance to try. Stock, assignment, freelance... I'll try anything. I'm just excited to be trying.


The photos I have on my Flickr page will not be the photos I have for sale. When I shoot for money, I'll be thinking of something else and it won't appear on this page. Look at this page for things that I shoot strictly for myself.


As to a personal profile, I'm a guy approaching his mid-30's who's still trying to figure everything out. I probably never will but hey, it's the journey not the end that's supposed to be interesting, right?

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