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Often experimental, I like photographing nature, vintage computers and electronics and anything else. I also like making things.


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About using my pictures

Most of my pictures are CC attribution share-alike licensed which means you're free to use them for illustrating blogs or whatever. You do need to mention my name, either barnoid or Barney Livingston, and link to the photo page or to this profile page.


Ideally I'd like to be told about where my stuff is used, even better it'd be nice to be able to see the result, on or offline. Flickr mail or comments on photos are good for contacting me.


Some places my pictures have turned up

Wooden Touchscreen Terminal - front

Make Blog

Make Again


Binary Clock - front

Make Blog

Wired Gadgets





This was on Reddit too but since flickr has stopped allowing an all time referrer summary I can't find it.


St Stephen's Basilica

Sacred Destinations


Alpacas in a field near Lewes


Sparkle Scribe

Thanks to Scribe for buying me my first pro account.


What's in Explore



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