Hey! Nice of you to stop by!

You can join me on twitter: @bonka, or even better - read my newly started blog, Framing the visual age I think it will mainly be about photography, visuals, storytelling. I guess stuff that interest us flickrites. :) And please have a look in my Favorites-set. I try to keep it a updated representation of what I am doing/loving.

As for myself:
I'm curious, I love all forms of communication, and taking pictures is a passion in the making since I was 13. Until recently, the tens of thousands of images I have stored digitally was my private domain, only for me and my friends to see. Starting to blog a little, and opening an account on flickr has taught me different, and makes a great portal to aim at getting better.

The field I'm best in - I think - is the photojournalistic and storytelling one. Having worked as a documentary photographer, stills has been a great way to learn how to compress a story, to unfold it in one framing, almost as an analogue to the 2 min 30 sec spectrum of Super 8 vs the unlimitless reign of DV-tape / HD cams.

Thats also why I lately has got into Analog photography again, buying myself my first Leica. More of that in this in Analog Nostalgia

My current personal favorite
Young Passion

Feel free to drop me a line or click the contact-thingy over here or even better - leave a comment my blog!

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