Italian artist. Messenger of the #2kTenCom (Ten Commandments for the Digital Millennium) + an extravagant theory about the origin and nature of the universe.

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If one of my flickr images inspires you, feel free to use it on your site, blog or whatever you have on the web. The only thing I ask you is to make that image link directly to its original here on flickr, and mention me as the author.

You can use my images for free also on other media (p.e. printed ones), but in this case I ask you to advise me before. Upon reasonable request, I could provide the file in full resolution. I don't allow any commercial use of my works.

You are also free to create a derivate work using my images, but you'll have to use for that derivate work the same Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike licence.

Opera III: The Carrying of the CrossGabriela1st experiment with fractalsOpera I: Journey to the WestPsychedelic MantisOpera II: Night Riders

self portrait at Boston's museum of fine arts

Self Portrait at Museum of Fine Arts

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May 2006
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