Flickr and ImageKind have partnered up, so I have a small gallery of prints at ImageKind to share with everyone. and by "share" I mean "sell". But I've kept the mark-up to a minimum, I mostly just want people to be able to get quality prints of my artwork, and they do exceptional work. So it's all about you, basically.

Prints by ImageKind

Derek Chatwood. Video Game Designer. Illustrator. Whatever collects in the mental filter over the week of media saturation, I spend my weekend trying to squeeze back out onto paper. So results may vary. Pencil and/or ink, often painted in Photoshop. Sometimes I even take a decent picture.

Disclaimer: All of my artwork is Copyright me, All Rights Reserved. Blogging is ok, but I reserve the right to request the image be removed if I have any issue with the blog content or use, or you attempt to make any money off of my work (especially without giving me a cut.)

For blog attribution, please credit me, "Derek Chatwood", provide a link directly to that image's page here on Flickr, and someplace put an "All Rights Reserved" copyright notice on it. thanks.

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    maneeacc says:

    " absolutely stunning artist... paintings are a treat... the humor and the colors... what a treat..."

    January 18th, 2008

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    william schaff says:

    "This boy can draw! His craftsmanship and skill constantly stand as a challenge to me to improve my own skills. On top of that his imagination for story telling has reminded me how we shoudl look at art. If you haven't gone over all these images in his collection you are robbing yourself of something that will only better yourself as a person."

    December 17th, 2007

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    blimpa says:

    "well, if he has to swim a river,
    you know he will.
    and if he has to climb a mountain,
    you know he will.
    he's searchin. My goodness, searchin every which a-way.

    he's like that northwest mountain.
    you know he'll bring her in someday."

    February 24th, 2006

March 2005
Lake Havasu, AZ
Seattle, USA
Videogame Designer