Hi there.

My wife and I live in Ross-shire, Scotland.

All my images are "as seen". The only manipulation carried out has been a wee bit of cropping here and there and some "un sharp" applied to the digital efforts. All slides were scanned via a Nikon scanner.

When I first joined Flickr I plundered my 35mm transparencies and duly scanned the half decent ones into my photo stream - now that did'nt take long!. Now almost every image I add is digital.

I do miss the excitement though when the postman delivered a box full of slides - the expectation of viewing each slide on a light box waiting and hoping for that good image which always proved so very elusive.

My photostream now represents my comings and goings around my beautiful country - Scotland, with a few wee holidays along the way.

As for camera equipment, quite a variety of models used. Started off with an Olympus SLR, currently using a Canon DSLR. My favourite camera which is still always with me (albeit in the car) and unfortunately seldom used is a lovely treasured Olympus XA3. Always loaded with Fuji Velvia 50.

Thank you for taking a look at my photographs. I hope you enjoy the images as much as I have enjoyed taking them.

Please have a snapshot look at some of my images below.


All photographs in my stream are copyright ©.
Unauthorised use of these photographs is not permitted in any form.

Photos of David May (3)

  • "Skye Boys" (May 1988),  Glen Brittle Campsite,  Isle of Skye,  Scotland by David May
  • "Two Old Wrecks",  Scotland by David May
  • Head of the "Lost Valley",  Glencoe,  Scotland by David May

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David May
July 2007
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