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i picked up a digital camera for the first time in october 2005, when i received a little kodak easyshare point&shoot. i quickly fell in love, and have not left the house without a camera since.

i'm an amateur of all amateurs, but look forward to developing my eye and technique. though i'm a writer by trade, i am applying the same philosophy to photography: to write life alive.

my love and dear friend gregg gave me a panasonic lumix fz10 for christmas 2005, and that has become my inanimate best friend.

christmas 2006 brought a new member to my camera fambly: a canon digital rebel 300d. oh the yumminess.

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    CommonVee says:

    "ohchicken has such a certain way of photographing people that you feel as though you know her through the way she sees the world. that she shares that knowledge with others is a delightful testament to her openness in sharing her mind with others. her opinions and desires are seen clearly through her photographs, seemingly effortlessly on her part, and those basest of hungers - the longing for a place of home - is viewed powerfully through her lens."

    April 10th, 2006

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    Hypnotic Aubergine says:

    "Ohchicken's photographs are among the most intense, feeling good, emotional, funny and inspiring/motivational images of all Flickr. When I open my contacts' page and see that she's uploaded a new image or written some comments I immediately know, no doubt, that I will smile, or I will ponder upon civil injustice, or I will be enraptured by the beauty of her world. By her beauty.

    She's a precious human being and a friend, no matter we haven't met yet and she's living on the other side of the ocean and further on because I feel we hit it off, for many many reasons.
    Her photography and words make me happy, give me hope and guts.

    Thank you, Annie! :-)"

    January 16th, 2006

July 2005
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