"A single dream is more powerful than a thousand realities."

-J.R.R. Tolkien

Hello and welcome! My name is Blake Baer and I have been a member on Flickr since the end of 2010 though I didn't become active until the middle of 2011.


And now a little bit about me. I am a young TFOL from Pennsylvania, USA. I have attended Brickfair, a popular LEGO fan festival in DC, for the past 4 years and shall be attending again in '13. Some of my interests are LEGO (duh), soccer, reading, architecture, Math, music, movies and of course food. I am interested in medicine and engineering but I am open to see how God leads me. I am home-schooled and I have been for most of my life. I am also a Christian and I pray that I would represent God well while on Flickr. I hope this helps you know a little more about me.

My creations mainly deal in the realm of Castle but as you can see from recent ones that I will stretch out of that bubble into other areas. One of the marks of a good builder is the ability to be versatile in the area of building. One of the best things about LEGO in my opinion is that it is such an incredible medium to use your creativity and God-given talents to a great end.

One of my gifts to the community, has been to compile a huge LEGO glossary containing most of the well known terms and acronyms used by the LEGO community. I encourage you to go look through the glossary so you can impress your peers with your LEGO lingo!

"If the lid on the Pick-a-Brick cannister closes then there isn't enough bricks in it."
-Blake Baer

I can also be found on Brickshelf, MOCpages and you may also see me around sites such as Classic-Castle and other forums by the screen-name of Blego7.
-Blake Baer

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or send me an FM.
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Hurricane IreneBaer DenWarScape: Vol2; Chapter 5 of 5NazgûlTornado 3Hang Him High!Fort 1Raid of Scone 1Matsumoto CastleBull 1

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    LukeClarenceVan says:

    "Blake is without a doubt the best TFOL to come along since Sven Junga. He has a talent with the brick which surpasses most AFOLs, and a maturity beyond his years. His creations are always built with the utmost of care, with incredible size and detail. His presentation is nigh-perfect, each model is built in such a way that it pops off the screen. Above that though, Blake is a genuinely nice guy. And really, that's what matters most."

    March 31st, 2013

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    Gabe Umland says:

    "How does one describe Blake? I'm not really sure, but what i can say is that he has a most spectacular God-given talent with Lego bricks. And he has a maturity well beyond his years. We are always reminded of his passion for Lego, Lord of the Rings, and his faith. His is undoubtedly one of the best Lego builders out there, and it is always encouraging to know that there are other Christian builders builders around and I look forward to meeting him some day!"

    August 10th, 2012

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    Eli Brinsmead says:

    "One of the most mature and skillful dudes out there. God has blessed him greatly and may he continue to ;)"

    August 12th, 2012

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    Owen_S. says:

    ""One of the best builders out there, period. He has skills WAY beyond his age, and plus, he's a pretty cool guy. ;)""

    November 16th, 2011

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    Ru Corder says:

    "One of the most talented TFOLs out there. Also a great person, with an amazing personality."

    October 29th, 2011

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    eilonwy77 says:

    "Blake is a TFOL mature beyond his years, in both building and conversing. It's always a pleasure to "see" him, both here at flickr and at Classic-Castle."

    December 5th, 2010

Blake Baer
March 2010
I am:
Considering Medical School