I've always been passionate about photography. Over the years, my interests have gradually shifted from landscape photography to portraiture. I take candid shots, of family, friends, and co-workers, and studio and fine art photographs as well.


If you live near Tacoma, Washington and would be interested in modeling for any kind of photography, indoors or out, please send me a note. I'm inexpensive: in many cases, I'll work for free, or split the cost of renting studio lighting, just to gain the experience.


This photo collection serves the dual purpose of sharing family photos with family and friends, and displaying a portfolio of my own best and most artistic images. If you're interested primarily in the latter, visit my "Favorites" collection, or check out my portfolio on Flickriver. You can also view my photos ranked by popularity / "interestingness," on Flickriver. My website is called "the light is all."


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My portfolio

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My website, "the light is all"

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The Bacher Family - View my most interesting photos on Flickriver

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