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4/29/09 *UPDATE*

ohhh i just realized now it's been 5 years since i last updated my flickr profile. the gadgets listed are all obsolete. lol

i will update this once again when i have time :)

my pro account has expired. anyone giving out a free one? lol jk


All i can say is..i love taking pictures! =)

Good or Bad..I have all of them here...

I just got new camera (it's a 350d) Yay! And im broke! but i dont regret buying because im enjoying every minute of having it. Just to let you know, half the time Im being artistic and half the time Im being a geek!

My Gadgets (yeah, geeks like to talk about their gadgets! )

- Canon 350d kit with Sigma 24-70 AF lens
- Canon ZR65 camcorder
- Canon Powershot a510
- Nokia 6630
- 30 GB Ipod Video
- plus sketchpads, pencils, paints, and other thingamabobs! :)

check out my blog! :)

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Crystal Vanessa Sprenkel
January 2005
Minneapolis, United States
I am:
Female and Taken
Operations Analyst