"Her life was like a battlefield, trying to differentiate peace of the mind and fear,
She lets her heartstrings be plucked by a random puppeteer,
For a fact showing love was all an act;
It’s the way that her legs look, not the way that they move,
Because feelings were scripted in the spotlight of a split limbed dancer trying to choreograph but with less grace.
But it’s not a race, to see who can kill each other first but the placing of the moonlight on their blown open skull that’s the game,
Hoping the blood and brains would wash the insecurities away;
She tried to aim for her dark side but missed and killed the sun.
And when her parents would come home finding a pistol in her left hand,
The only thing her mom would say is
“Honey! Look, there’s a shit-stain on the floor” not knowing it would be permanent,
And that pain only temporary.
I stop her and say “There will be better days”
But I know to her it rains like downpours in Vancouver,
And being Mary Poppins won’t help because she didn’t bring an umbrella to float away,
It’s her thighs that put on the weight to stay on the ground anyways.
I try to make a change but the only money I got is three quarters and a dime because that was the leftover food and bus fare at the time;
And I know that she only stole one tonight, that’s the crime.
And I want to tell her, I LIKE YOUR BRAIN! I LIKE IT A LOT!
Because bodies are the things that become defined by words and minds defined by paragraphs.
But I don’t. "

-Joshua Lam

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September 2011
Burnaby, Canada
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