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    Pffft says:

    "Some people have a unique perspective, others know how to see beauty where others see only the mundane, and still others have a technical mastery over their cameras. Not so many have all of these qualities, but luckily some do, and I suspect that is why you are reading this page right now."

    January 31st, 2008

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    spinningjenny! says:

    "hello :)
    I absolutely love your San Francisco shots!"

    August 2nd, 2007

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    almania says:

    "with every image automatt post i am amazed. you will never find a dull photo of his, with such color and depth. every one of his photos is something of brilliance."

    November 16th, 2006

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    Telstar Logistics says:

    "For robust images that deliver exceptional dynamic value, Automatt is a name I trust. Ask for it by name!"

    October 15th, 2006

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    dipfan says:

    "Automatt uses a camera the way Picasso used a tennis racket."

    August 14th, 2006

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    bryan campen says:

    "Matt has this sense of beauty, this high attention to his surroundings that continues to shock me. I have no idea how he has time to do this work *and* everything else he seems to have his hands in, but it is well worth a stroll through his pages."

    July 18th, 2006

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    ecotist says:

    "you never cease to amaze me!!!"

    June 24th, 2006

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    rightful trees says:

    "Something is inexhaustible if you can remove as many items as you like from it and it will never become empty.

    Automatt has a way of keeping your interest with his graceful navigation of subjects, emotions, and techniques."

    March 24th, 2006

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