I am a former high school journalism teacher, scholastic photography & photojournalism instructor, publications adviser, contributing photojournalist, publication & graphic designer and instructor and school public relations professional.

My photographic study goes back to the Canon AE-1 that never left my side and fingers that perpetually smelled like D-76, stop bath and fixer. And even though I loved the old darkroom, I jumped on the digital bandwagon early.

My world of cameras and computers has always clicked & I loved the day decent digital photos became common. I see photography as a democratizing factor in society and digital images as tiny bits of information that change constantly.

Digital images continue to improve & the iPhone 4s mobile camera was 100 times more powerful than my first camera and -- it was pre-connected for sharing. Digital images posted online do not equal a film/paper print. Those are two different and distinct worlds.

This is the economics of abundance, The digital photograph has become a commodity.

I take this stand on Flickr and on other sharing sites, and let me state it plain and simple: if you don't have any photos available to me, I have nothing (easily) available to you. You pay me the greatest compliment by favoriting my photos or adding me as a contact. I'm honored. Seriously.

Let me say it again. If your photos or work are not available to me, mine will not be available to you. I will block you.

I hope you enjoy my photos. Attribution is always nice, but often not possible. Just don't try to pass it off as your own. Say you got it from a great photographer on Flickr.
mimipogo21. Get yours at bighugelabs.com/flickr

1. Olive Snarl, 2. Learning Early, 3. Eight is still enough dogs, 4. Eight is still enough dogs, 5. Mid-air Dusty, 6. Winston retrieves the news, 7. Once, there were only 6 dogs

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January 2006
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