Hello! I'm Austin, and I'm a graphic designer, adventurer, author, and photographer from Salt Lake City, Utah.

I try to vary up my subject matter somewhat. Expect my Flickr feed to have a pretty wide variety of subjects and styles. When I shoot, I try to capture how I see the world, not how the world necessarily is. As such, my images tend to be very colorful, saturated, and probably not a literal representation of the real world.

When I'm not working or shooting photos, I like to spend time milling around my neighborhood, listening to records, or catching up on television.

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    countblockula says:

    "It's hard to imagine life, Hollywood, or even something as commonplace as the 2:00 AM chicken and waffle tete-a-tete without the company of the fair doctor, one Prof. Austin Coloquios Bumbershoot. There's no man alive that can't say his life's not a hound's hair better ever since the day Austin drove the first spike into this new era, and that's the nitty-gritty. Pay no heed to the words of the so-called carpetbagger philanthropists: cajolery is paltry politics at best. Back when we all had to work for our salt, Austin showed us that the future belonged to every man. So, listen up. If you're worth even half your hide, you'll tip your hat and your bushel come harvest time: it's the least you can do for the man that taught us all how to make such amazing balloon animals."

    March 13th, 2006

November 2004
Holladay, UT
I am:
Male and Single
Art Director