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Michael Napper, represented by d.e.n. contemporary art, Los Angeles, USA

Please contact me re: any use of images, or purchase of prints.

Also, the occasional photo/painting/book/rant can be found here: mixdmedia.blogspot.com/
...and here for portraits of the Lost & Beautiful.

The idea that comes to mind when looking at the some of the best paintings and drawings, the best work really in all sorts of art forms, is that they embody an acknowledgment of their own imperfection. And this suggests humility, humanity, honesty. Life is off-kilter, unfinished, damaged...so, in a way, the best works are a manifestation, a mirror, of these aspects of life: not an idealization of one aspect (perhaps beauty), but an amalgamation of the mistakes and corrections of a journey or process.

maker of things, eg. paintings, drawings, diaries, inept photos, odd little books.

Agat 18K (half-frame)
Agfa Clack (120 film 6 x 9 format)
Agfa Click (120)
Agfa Isola (120)
Agfa Isoly (120)
Agfa Isolette II (120)
Agfa Optima 1A (35mm film)
Agfa PD-16 Clipper
Agfa Pioneer (616...but can shoot 120...will be panorama format)
Agfa Silette LK (35mm film)
(2)Argus Cintar (35mm film)
Chaika 2 Russian half-frame camera (35mm)
(2) Holgas
Ilford Sporti (120)
Ilford Sportsman (35mm)
(2) Kodak Brownie Cresta (120 film)
Kodak Brownie Starmatic (127 film)
Kodak Duaflex IV (620 film)
Kodak Hawkeye Flash
Lubitel 166 (120)
Mamiya c330
Mamiya RB67
Minolta Hi-matic 7 (35mm)
Nikkormat FTn
Nikkormat EL
Olympus OM-1n
Olympus Pen EE (half-frame)
Olympus Pen FT (half-frame)
Olympus Trip 35
Polaroid Joycam
(2) Polaroid Land Cameras
Yashica Samurai X-3 (half-frame)
Yashica Electro 35 GSN
VP Twin (127 format)
Wembley Sports Camera (120, 6 x 9 format)

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  • a Sunday feeling by Lari Washburn

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    darra66 says:

    "i wake every morning to see the work of one of my favorite artists hanging on my wall. thank you michael. for continuing to create such beautiful things."

    May 10th, 2008

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    electrocuted says:

    "he kills."

    April 23rd, 2008

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    cropcropborder says:

    "michael napper is fantastic!"

    August 2nd, 2007

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    Youver says:

    "He is a wonder with 35mm film !"

    July 7th, 2007

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    Nar8iv / Scott W says:

    "the napper.
    I think that is appropriate...
    because these photographs are dreamscapes.the stuff of nocturnal wonderings...
    and they overlap into this dimension."

    April 17th, 2007

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    SMALL BOOK says:

    "Hi! I will go to L.A.this summer vacation.Maybe I will go to d. e.n.contemporary art. I am a gallerygoer"

    April 11th, 2007

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    sketchySteven says:

    "Michael rocks! A creative giant among wee little people. Keep up the great work m_nap! Woo hoo!"

    April 11th, 2007

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