I'm a hobbyist photographer. I doubt I will ever turn pro, as being told what to shoot would take all of the fun out of it for me. My favorite photography subjects are my friends and family. When they aren't around, I aim elsewhere: landscapes, wildlife, architecture... whatever looks good.


I started shooting in 2007, and completely skipped the era of film. I'm on my 3rd and 4th cameras now -- at least, if we're only counting cameras I actually use.


Feel free to use my photos anywhere, as long as you give me credit and you don't stand to make any money. I would also appreciate a link back to my photo from your site, but it's not required. If you feel like it, send me a link to your site, or post the link as a comment -- I enjoy seeing how my photos are used.


Gear (roughly ordered by usage):



- Canon 550D (Rebel T2i) -- The workhorse.

- Canon 400D (Rebel XTi) -- The backup/loaner.

- Canon A630 (Point & Shoot) -- The camera I learned on. Full manual controls!

- Canon AE-1 (35mm SLR) -- My sister got it for me at a garage sale. FD mount!

- Optima Agfa II (35mm fixed lens) -- My dad's old camera. German!



- Sigma 30mm f/1.4 -- My "bar lens", but I use it in so many other situations now.

- Canon 100mm f/2.0 -- For candid people-shooting and sometimes macros.

- Sigma 20mm f/1.8 -- My behemoth rear-focusing lens. What other lens is so wide yet so fast?

- Canon 75-300 f/4.0-5.6 -- My wildlife lens.

- mamyia/sekor 55mm f/1.4 (M42) -- The pride of my collection. I really don't use it enough. I wish the adapter didn't hose my EXIF. Also, radioactive.

- Phoenix 500mm f/8 (T-mount) -- Impractical and mostly a toy.

- Canon 50mm f/1.8 -- Cheap, lightweight, and reliable.

- Pentax 135mm f/2.5 (Pentax-K) -- Nice for bugs when there isn't much light and I don't want to add any.

- Homemade PVC 30mm f/2.2 -- Soft focus. Extremely soft focus!

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