I take a wide variety of photographs and try to experiment with different styles. Hopefully, my Flickr photostream is an adequate showcase for my various photography interests.


That said, I think I have gravitated towards, Urban Landscape photography. I frequently use HDR techniques to increase the color and range of these images. I don't consider myself as and HDR photographer however. HDR is just one of many techniques I use to tell the story.


I take many personal and photographs of family and friends that I do not display on Flickr. For this reason I branched out into other types of photography when I joined Flickr in the Summer of 2009. A year later, I expanded my online presence with my personal photography website and blog.


My photography website has both Images from Flickr and original content. Photographs are available at a larger size, without watermarks and also available for purchase for a nominal fee. My blog showcases photographs and places and usually accompanied by some background information and my personal thoughts behind the images.


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