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Hi !

First of all, I'm the owner of 3 projects made with Flickr, please take a couple of minutes to discover them :


- :

A flickr app to backup and extend your flickr stats


- :

Another flickr app to create and organise Poll and contests with Flickr photos from your sets and groups


- :

A blog to share and give exposure to my Flickr Favorites, it is all about portraiting and picturing the woman, with a real place given to Black and White and square format.


Success @ L'étage du Liberté


Monsieur "tout le monde" de la musique, ni musicien ni expert, je profite et découvre celle-ci souvent en concert, avec le plaisir d'y ajouter la dimension de l'image. Flickr est mon défouloir, un showcase et un exutoire de mes photos.


With music like anyone, I'm not an expert or a musician, I enjoy and discover music in lives with the luck to add pictures to this one. Flickr is a tool I use as a showcase and a mean to show more things that my habituals gig shots.


Sin estar musico ni experto en ella, suelo aprovechar y descubrir nuevas cosas en conciertos, añadiendo el placer de sacar fotos de los directos. Uso Flickr as a galeria de mis conciertos y tambien con el ambito de mostrar otras cosas, pruebas y envidias diferentes.


Please feel free to discover my work, on my Website :


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