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    Toniuz says:

    "Hello Atila,
    I added a few of your photos like favorites and I think you make a great work with photo art. Also I feel your pictures are great."

    October 24th, 2009

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    erre_ says:

    "Gracias por enseñarme esta web aunque todavia estoy aterrizando en ella.

    un besote."

    August 11th, 2009

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    Ron's Log says:

    "I think you and I have been Flickr Friends for a long time, and I am overdue in thanking you for all the many fine photographs!

    thank you!

    June 28th, 2009

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    HE~GOES says:

    "Atila continuously amazes us with his creativity and never ending ideas on how to shoot portraits in a fun sexy and technically perfect way!"

    April 18th, 2009

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    Azzedine Jamal says:

    "A sexual stream in a sexual world ...
    Wonderful work."

    February 26th, 2009

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    suspect_Barcelona_ says:

    "Imaginamos, que cuando alguien se atreve a decirte algo en está sección es porque está convencido de que tu trabajo es realmente inspirador y al mismo tiempo adictivo a conocer tus últimas novedades y asi poder ver a través de ti.... ___pero también poder utilizarlo para decirte que eres una persona muy bondadosa y que estamos muy agradecidos por todo tu apoyo, no solo profesional que nos has brindado, también por toda está energía positiva que nos has regalado... gracias por tu ayuda, queda pendiente la cena en el nuevo santuario.... un abrazo grande.. DyT."

    October 28th, 2008

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    midknight says:

    "The world in front of Atila's lens is made that much more beautiful by having him behind it."

    July 4th, 2008

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    L.u.c says:

    "He is one of my first Flickr contacts and I am very happy and glad to have him on my contact's list. Atila is a great artist not only a photographer..I love him and the way how he shot pictures...For me is a masterpiece, a man who bring me inspirations....
    ( I hope my english will be understand well)"

    April 28th, 2008

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    gianluigidellaspaghettone says:

    "Skilled with a wonderful eye! Keep taking those pictures!"

    April 27th, 2008

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    gioski says:

    ""From the moment I discovered Atila's work he became someone I regularly checked in on to see what visual delights he had provided on his page, and not once has he ever failed to impress. Nothin' but pure class in his work everytime, and definitely someone born to wield a camera. An absolute A+ photographer!"
    "Stunning, amazing, wow, fantastic, sexy and smoldering are just some of the words I've used to describe Atila's work. He is amazing photographer. If you haven't looked at his stream thoroughly, it is something you should really do. You may want to start with his project...it was executed impressively and definitley a must see. I can't wait to see what he shares with us next!"
    "What makes celebrities look different? When you open the magazine and see their skin, their lips, their confident stare at the lens, there's a certain sparkle that adds to their aura of myth. They are not ordinary people like us. There must be some sort of hidden technique known only by those in the studio.
    Throughout his photos and portraits, you are led into the magic universe of glittering human beauty that makes magazines sell out and idols achieve fame.
    The thing is, there are no famous people here, but mostly people like you and me (OK, they may be a bit better-looking, but that's it). Atilal's lens brings the stardom out of common people and makes them shine. You see a portrait and have the feeling you're the only one who still doesn't know and love that person.
    Atila's pictures are a feast to the eyes. His men are invariably hot and are evenly glamorous, but never in a cliché, predictable way. He has found the perfect blend of sophistication and sex appeal. There's always an irresistible touch of wittiness and humour that teases you and makes you believe there's much more about the portrayed person than what meets the eye.
    If you were granted the chance to ask a fairy to transform you into a star, you can bet the fairy would rush for Atila and his magic touch.
    "Everyone should have a good look at Atila's work! Ever since I stumbled across him, I always found his pics inspiring and original and truly wonderful. Atila has an eye for class and his portraits just ooze sophistication and have that 'professional' feel to them that is so hard to achieve. That boy is on his way to pure genius I'm telling ya!
    His other endearing quality is his kindness which shines through his entertaining comments and of course he's witty and clever as can be, taking the time to go beyong the usual 'great' or 'beautiful'. When he was away for a few times I did miss his presence and was so glad to find out he came back to haunt us.
    Last but not least: he's a hansome funny devil & a charmer like no one! (I like him, his lips, eyes, skin head)
    Go Atila, keep inspiring us!""

    September 10th, 2007

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    malik ml williams says:

    "sex. sin. fun. art. passion. joy. friendship. humor. all with a point-and-shoot camera? a lesser artist would say "impossible." look at atila's work and you'll see it all..."

    July 25th, 2007

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    manelOrtega - ModusPhotoStudio says:

    Sin duda uno de los artistas mas completos en Flickr, solo por el placer de ver su obra ya vale la pena que exista esta Web.
    Su creatividad es inmensa, cuando piensas que ya le has visto todo siempre te sorprende con algo nuevo, la calidad de sus imágenes esta aqui a la vista de todos.
    Sinceramente pienso que es un pecado mirar solo su ultima foto y desperdiciar el placer de pasar un tiempo disfrutando de su obra.
    Gracias Atila por compartir tu obra con nosotros.

    manel ortega"

    April 21st, 2007

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    DARRIN J. OAKLEY says:

    BE SAFE,

    March 19th, 2007

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    TerryJohnston says:

    "What can I say that has not already been said about Atila. 3 main words come to mind: creativity, genius and playful. His photos never cease to amaze me and spark my creativity. Atila has the "photographic eye" and he is blinding me with it! All was rock star photos... all the time!"

    January 17th, 2007

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    wasipidia says:

    "Atila is for me an icon of freedom. His adventurous photography always puts a smile on my face for sheer ingenuity and passion for creation. Technically skilled and wonderful work."

    January 9th, 2007

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    fesign says:

    "I know what ATILA means!
    A = amazing
    T = tasteful
    I = ingenious
    L = luscious
    A = artist"

    October 29th, 2006

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    Quim Bee says:

    "Es un placer ver todos los matices que pueden obtenerse solo a traves del cuerpo humano.
    Me gustan mucho las fotos de Atila. Visito frecuentemente su galería y siempre me sorprende. Me gustaría mucho poder verlas en formato grande. Quien ha dicho que la fotografía no es un arte?
    Atila es excelente y le deseo toda la suerte que se merece."

    October 17th, 2006

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    Kristian20 says:

    "Atila has an amazing ability of capturing a moment. his pictures really inspire me and are deserving of a gallery showing. hopefully when he has one that i have the privlage of being invited to attend. keep up the amazing work babe!!! oh and talk to you soon, if not see ya out on the town."

    September 22nd, 2006

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    Lisandro M. Enrique says:

    "Cuando conocí Flickr...hace un tiempo ya.. la primera persona que vi antes mis ojos fué Atila... y ahí me enamoré. hehehe o sea... me despertó tanta ternura y tantas ganas de abrazarlo que renegué de mi escasa posibilidad de poder hacerlo.

    Y no me equivoqué, una persona sensible, alegre, divertido, con carácter y cona soltura que uno a veces, desearía teenr. Atila, amigo, un beso y un abrazo."

    September 22nd, 2006

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    Darwin Bell says:

    "Not only is Atila one of the best erotic photographers that I have had the pleasure to see (and believe me, I have seen alot), he is one of the best photographers period. His composition of frame and connection with the subjects is just sublime. Thanks for sharing your art and KEEP IT UP!!"

    August 23rd, 2006

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    gagah says:

    ".what adjectives one should use when writing about someone you admire or about his work or say his i-am-never-afraid-or-i-don't-careness? dunno but i'll think about it,"

    August 11th, 2006

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    SheStrikesBack says:

    "Sexy, witty, creative and with a heart as big as the world!!! This is Atila! Put a camera on his hand and you will be able to witness an explosion of sensuality, emotions and colors! Thank you for all the inspiration and above all for your friendship!"

    April 30th, 2006

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    [Redboy] says:

    "Atila is great! a great photographer! that's sure. he can catch the moment in the perfect way. his shots are suggestive, they says everything they have to express.
    'cause of i love the art of photography, i hope to learn something from him."

    February 19th, 2006

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    Mark Hiser says:

    "Atila is one of my favorite photgraphers here at Flickr. His work inspires. Somehow he consistently captures the inner beauty and strength of his models so perefectly that the image claws its way off the monitor and into one's guts. It's clear from comments people write that his work touches our own "guts" very powerfully. Furthermore, Atila's gentleness is evident in the comments he so graciously makes when he views the work of other persons. Thanks, Atila, for your encouragement and for sharing with us your world."

    February 16th, 2006

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    Charlotte Dubois says:

    "Atila is one of the most wonderful person i met here on Flickr. As I looked at his first picture, I took the first step of a long journey where creativity, love, friendship, sensuality, and beauty have no limits! Atila puts his soul and heart on his amazing work. It´s more than a pleasure to come and visit his art. He is my hero with poetry inside his magical eyes! ;)"

    February 9th, 2006

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    Danny in Dairyland says:

    "I feel that this testimonial from me is long overdue. Atila's work was one of the first I spotted as unusually gifted when I first began as a member of Flickr. I find that one of the first places I go every time I sign on is to Atila to see what's new. His work is beautiful, creative, sexy, technically expert, and often there is the treat of his surprising imagination. Awesome photograhpher and I always feel honored to view his work. Danny in Dairyland."

    January 28th, 2006

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    dirtypearl 2005-2009 says:

    "Really short and to the point: love his vision."

    October 6th, 2005

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    petee says:

    after viewing all of you photos i am so impressed and found myself wanting to write on each of them. The beauty that you capture is exceptional and the fun you have breaths its laughter right through the photograph to the viewer. Thanks so much for sharing them and i cant wait to see more."

    September 23rd, 2005

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    Newell the Jewell says:

    "as a fellow photographer, there is so much i feel whenever i view any work submitted to flickr by Atila. the ascention of his career is one i, as well as any other flickr members, will watch with great interest."

    September 17th, 2005

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    _soldado_ says:

    "well what can i say about atila after those fabulous pictures!!! youre great with you camera, youre great with people, from what ive seen youre a wonderful person. heres to the begining of a friendship. cheers my friend. :)
    keep up the good work

    September 3rd, 2005

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    Massimo Tomasello says:

    "Atila aka Mr. Caravaggio 2005 is first of all an awesome photographer. His talent is to get the best of each of his model. He observe the human being in a tender and sensual way. I am grateful to him becouse he was my first contact on flickr and becouse he encourage me to go further with my shots. The evidence of his gift lays in his graphic job and i consider him one of the best on flickr...before cecking his stream i remind you that he can become a treasure friend and he'll always be there for you if you need him...HE is gifted and HE is a gift for all of us...and I am truly blessed for having him on my side!
    I love you BABY BOY ( but don't you dare calling him like that...only I can do it)"

    July 28th, 2005

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    therilesyouknow says:

    "ATILA's work is sublime and revealing. He's got a knack for uncovering subtle intimate details in all his portraits -- including his self-ones. The expressions all seem to say 'I'm open.' The forms and faces are all true, but celestial, something out of the ordinary.

    How he got so lucky, whether it's his charisma or his karma, I just don't know, but it's lovely to look at."

    May 23rd, 2005

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    MatthewA says:

    "Give him a camera and stand back. Atila can coax the raw charm and sensuality out of anyone and anything, giving the viewer a glimpse into his subjects' world almost effortlessly. It's pure magic.

    Genius, sexy, intriguing and one hell of a nice man, one of Flickr's best – hands down."

    May 11th, 2005

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    BillyWarhol says:



    Cheers, Billy Warhol ;))"

    April 20th, 2005

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    Simon Pais says:

    "Jamás había visto un tributo al cuerpo humano tan sincero como este.
    son fotografías sin censura visual, son fotografías, que gracias al ojo increiblemente sensible de Atila, se transforman en un pacto de honestidad.

    yo miro su trabajo y sé que no se oculta nada, pero a la vez existe un misterio enorme, pienso que el momento esta vivo y se mueve tan fluidamente dentro de esos marcos que no puedo hacer mas que contemplar... y seguir observando y esperando a ver si el cuerpo se mueve, se estremece al menos un segundo."

    April 18th, 2005

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    The Guncle says:

    "My idea of a great image is one that gets me to stop, look and think.

    I first ran across Atila on another photo site and immediately stopped and looked and thought. His continuing series, Men Behind Fabric, shows not only technical skill, but creativity and clearly a passion for what he does - so well.

    Our recent portrait exchange, where we first met and shot each other, has proven him to be a fun model as well as a great photographer - and also a friend.

    Thanks A.

    Looking forward to more."

    March 31st, 2005

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    Ziko says:

    "His work is really artistic and very creative. Some of his portraits really inspire me. A true magician of portraits. Keep it up Atila my friend."

    March 28th, 2005

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    Ad Altiora Natus says:

    "A friend sent me a link to Atila's page. That is how I discoverd flickr. His work is phenomenal. He knows how to light different skin tones. I appreciate that greatly. I am inspired by his work"

    March 27th, 2005

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    Antonio Fabien Leon - FAB says:

    "Truly his work is very artistic, detail in light and texture is what makes it very cool and playful. The human element "the subject" is explained in many different frames of mind...even in the sensual spectrum ... shot delicate and subtle, yet expressive and beautiful... Antonio"

    March 23rd, 2005

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