Im not really sure who I am at any given moment. As soon as I think I have pin pointed out my behavior, interests, and personality i up and change. Im indecisive, impulsive, yet down to earth and calm. I have this urgency to try everything once before its too late and an insatiable appetite for music, design, and life's curiosities. Currently fate and the tides of life have brought me to the bay area. I will always be a California girl and have yet to become board with what this state has to offer. I have spent the past few years clawing and fighting through a design education at Cal Arts and the life of a freelancer to find myself in a corporate environment that is Apple iTunes in Cupertino. I do enjoy the calm and security that this current position offers and after years of poverty and continuous struggle for sustainability i need this vacation. But it also has given me time to sit back and reflect on the next chapter and perhaps fuel a new wave of creative that was stifled by practicalities and paying the bills. So in a way...corporate has given me a chance to become more inventive and experiment with out the pressures of compromise.

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Ashley Cunningham
February 2006
Santa Barbara
I am:
Graphic Designer