One quick word about how I operate on Flickr: If you favorite one of my photos or add me as a contact and you do not have any images available to view, I will block you. If you add me as a contact and your photostream consists of nothing but images of lingerie-clad women I will block you. I hate being so direct and upfront but I really don't enjoy dealing with creeps.

If you want to use one of my images on Tumblr, that is cool but please email me first and let me know. Please. I don't want to send you a nasty email about this. If I had a dollar for every photo "borrowed" from me and posted on Tumblr I'd have a brand new Canon 5D Mark III with the battery grip and a new Speedlight to go with it. No kidding.

UPDATE: I bought myself the new Canon 5D Mark III so I need to think of something else to spend all my "tumblr dollars" on...hmmm.....

With that bit of unpleasantness out of the way I'll introduce myself. I love photography and have made it my profession. I love being a part of Flickr, too. I've met some pretty cool people on this site and enjoy seeing the creative photos many of you take. I carry several cameras with me everywhere I go and lately have been learning darkroom techniques....what fun that is! I live in Utah and feel like I won the photography lottery living here: great views, great weather, friendly people and enough quirkiness to provide lots of photo-ops!

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    Trojan Robert™ [inactive] says:

    "This lady's photos will delight, amuse, astound, and entertain you, I guarantee it!

    Her creativity and love for the photographic process seem boundless, and her energy and drive clearly lead her to challenge herself on a daily basis. Just when you think she's shown you her best work, she will delight you with yet a new way of looking at the familiar. :)

    The photos in her stream clearly show a deep appreciation for the photographic traditions of the past, yet each is energetic, modern, and wholly fresh and lively.

    I am constantly inspired by this wonderful, sweet woman, and I urge you to delve deeply into her work and drink it all in. You will be fascinated, and at the same time, gently challenged to keep up with her!"

    March 7th, 2011

July 2008
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Ash Lindsey Photography