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    davе says:

    "Excellent A++++++++++++++++ Product exactly as described Fast delivery Top seller!!!
    •:*¨☆¨*:• Highly Recommended •:*¨☆¨* Would use again! *****"

    4th July, 2010

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    david..richardson says:

    "Arty grabs the balls and don't let go. That's why he's brilliant!

    There';s always so much humour to his work! A brilliant distraction which is what flickr is made for!

    Simply put Arty is why I still use Flickr! He's a one off!"

    24th February, 2010

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    Myxi says:

    "Lord Smokes of Westcliffe: a rare thing on flickr - a true artistic talent at work. His photos and images are highly creative, funny, irreverent, often disarmingly poetic and sensitive. From a mobile phone snapper to a man with an arsenal of Ebay analogue treasures he's come a long way in a short time and I love his work.
    Keep the British end up, Arty!"

    30th April, 2009

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    I am Lisa Doubleyou says:

    "May he keep producing and speaking ones mind. Amen"

    29th April, 2009

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    ArchedRoof says:

    "Arty is an obnoxious cunt.

    But I like him very much."

    23rd March, 2009

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    Shelouise says:

    "Sardonically irreverent. He says what we are all thinking and too chicken shit to say. Poignant and hilarious. Add him to your contacts NOW."

    15th March, 2009

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    knitgirl says:

    "I arrived at Arty's collection during the suicide countdown phase. Never really knowing what I might find, Arty keeps me in stitches...or horrified, which are both ok with me.
    Keep on keepin' on Arty! I love your brilliant wit and humour, which come through in many of your fine shots!"

    9th December, 2008

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    J A Mortram says:

    "A straight talker in a world of mumblers, apologists and vanity led egomaniacs. The Peter Cook of photography. A true Gonzo eye. Plus great taste in movies and an all round descent chap : D"

    25th October, 2008

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    mad jeff says:

    "Arty is a National Treasure.
    Buy him a pint."

    7th November, 2008

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    Big Al's House of VooDoo says:

    "aRTy is the dogs bollocks."

    29th June, 2008

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    DerrickT says:

    "I've been in and out, lots of silence lately, left leg twitching more than the right, but I'm always visiting you like a Dramatic Theater, bright and representative. As light as health from the inside.

    From the inside of this man's mind comes a vast array of immobilized and ummobilized focus that ranges like a deck of wood being irritated by nature rather than an animal; engaged in dialogue -- the rebooting of the booting. Say what? I / "ll say i/t be.tt.er this way:

    With a pause, severely, sit back and clip open things with this wonderful man's honesty and self-release. His lashes may very-well be apricot. Sweaty arm-pits are just as "fine art" as a haunched skirt with a cell phone number attached to it.

    His images always produce various emotions in me, often wanting to reach out to tell him that freedom and independence can be our true "cautions." However, he knows this. His work is powerful and truly "true," if I can be cliche' for a moment.

    Don't hesitate. Go now! Right, this, moment. Dig through his images and you'll see what I mean. Go! ...before someone drops a house on you!

    Shine on, dear sir!"

    28th June, 2008

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    Betty Zissou says:

    "Arty is my all time faaavourite misery guts."

    10th June, 2008

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    DrJoanne says:

    "Psychological evisceration at it's bravest combined with an unrelenting and honest appeal to the Self."

    5th May, 2008

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    Gabriela Anaya Valdepeña/Liar With A Camera says:

    "Like him or not, Arty is the real deal. I admire him as much for his provocative comments as for his provocative art, as well as for his willingness to challenge the Flickr status quo. Of course, when he says negative things about me, he’s all wrong."

    12th April, 2008

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