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I am a mixed media artist from the Pacific Northwest. My whimsical creations include illustration, collage, and paintings. My art changes constantly but my whimsical style can be seen in all of my work.

"Spit Bubbles"

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  • Stick me dad! by Yaelfran
  • Finished!! (for mom's day) by Yaelfran
  • Stick me MOM! (almost finished) by Yaelfran
  • For "Stick me MOM!", by Tosya by Yaelfran
  • For "Stick me MOM!", by Irisschwarz by Yaelfran
  • For "Stick me MOM!", by Prettylittlethieves by Yaelfran
  • Is coming!!! by Yaelfran

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    ..Judah... says:

    "Simplified: Tara's work equals pure goodness. Pieces that seem to be "just" whimsy somehow convey a deeper side. They are their own totems, and speak their own stories."

    April 18th, 2008

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    tricia_anders says:

    "the thing that amazes me the most about Tara is how she manages to be so prolific given that she works full time. Her work is refreshingly her style and not a derivation of something I have seen over and over, my eyeballs always feel refreshed after a dose of Tara art with her bright colors and sense of spontaneity and freshfree brush strokes. Art on Tara!"

    September 25th, 2006

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    Janeys Journey says:

    "There is something about Tara's work that draws the viewer in, that makes a connection. I tend to like more representational work, but I'm facinated by Tara's."

    December 2nd, 2005

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    pip814 says:

    "Tara Ross is a magician of the mundane; with a deep love for objects
    of the past, Tara breathes in life in their forgotten form;
    resurrecting these simple “things” into living pieces of art. Through
    her ability to tap into the Universal themes of time, Tara’s ability
    to understand the richness of color, texture, and form adds a sensual
    dimension to her work. One wants to hold the work, feel it
    beneath their own touch, and view it from all perspectives.

    Whether it is an assemblage piece or a collage, Tara’s works are
    steeped with her own system of symbols, which resonate to the viewer
    on an interior level. With her recent work in art journaling, Tara’s
    experimentations with various media, collage, and drawing have
    deepened the potency of these symbols through her personal
    exploration of her art.

    I always look forward to seeing Tara’s new work. Her compositions are
    haunting and thought provoking. She is extremely dedicated and
    devoted to her craft as each work takes it up another notch."

    June 22nd, 2005

February 2005
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