Founded in 2006, Art Below continues to develop a public gallery in London's finest underground stations, using billboard space to display the work of emerging creatives - 'Turning Ad space into Art Space'


Our mission: To enrich the everyday life of the traveling public by giving fresh insight into the very latest in art, illustration, photography, fashion, whilst at the same time providing a platform for emerging talent.


Over the last 5 years we have displayed the works of over 800 international artists, seen by tens of millions as they travel. We are proud to be playing host to a fantastic range of highly acclaimed artists of varying backgrounds, from Prince Charles's favourite Architect Ben Pentreath to controversial street artist Banksy. As well as displaying those who are well established, we have also nurtured and cultivated the growth of some remarkable new talent including Saatchi award winner Sarah Maple, Eco fashion designer Ada Zanditon, and and BP Portrait Award Winner Johan Andersson.


What started as a London based initiative received overwhelming interest internationally and we have since launched exhibitions in Tokyo and Berlin and now fast developing links into Paris, Hong Kong, and Dubai.


We host a range of ongoing collaborations with groups including The Hospital Club, Don't Panic Media and The Sovereign Art Foundation where artists can engage in creative challenges, normally theme based where winning entries are displayed in public space.


Wherever possible we seek to support student talent and run an ongoing collaboration with City and Guilds of London Art School, transforming the passenger lifts at Kennington Station into an art gallery - see ArtLift


'Directional art with an unorthodox backdrop lend Art Below its fresh, original edge that's currently causing a creative awakening amongst commuters and the Damien Hirst's of tomorrow' THE GUARDIAN


'Art should be, and in some senses already is everywhere, and we believe that it should be for everybody. The gallery often has a stigma, leading people to perceive art as a closed door, a private establishment, and suggests an exclusive forum which only certain people are encouraged to participate. Today's urban people lead increasingly busy lives, they often do not have the time to appreciate the value of art. We bring change by taking the art to them. We show art in a new, public context.' Ben Moore 2008


Art Below Ltd. Registered in England No.05697608. Registered Office: Stanley Davis Group Limited, 41 Charlton Street, London, NW1 1JD

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