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I explore the world scientifically and photographically, sometimes doing both at the same time. I study how changes in host physiology affect susceptibility to endemic infectious diseases, by chasing after zebras and other wildlife in Namibia with a dart gun, some sampling bags, and a bunch of test tubes.

I study how people interact with animals through science, medicine, domestication, and tourism, by chasing after wild and domestic animals with my camera.

I study how people interact with their environments to change them, decorate them, wear them down, and unwittingly juxtapose within them disparate elements, by chasing after cities and countrysides with my camera.

I study how self-perception is influenced by advertising, movies, television, fashion photography, and the immediate environment, by chasing after myself with a camera.

I also like bikes.

All of my photos are licensed as Attribution-NonCommerical-NoDerivs Creative Commons. That being said, if you contact me with a reasonable request, I'll most likely make an exception. People have used my photos for commercial and non-commercial purposes, and for their own art projects. I love creativity and collaboration, but I want to know what you're planning before you bring me along for the ride.

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  • "I cant believe how red he is." by w.m.h.
  • Carrie, Me and Jeremy by w.m.h.

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    j.lil says:

    "I can't vouch for Carrie's claim that she plays with Anthrax (maybe on the reunion tour?), however I am willing to overlook this boast because her self-portraits are stunning and enormous -- incredible beauty always jostles for space with something far more illuminating that I can never quite pin down. I always relish the arrival of a new portrait."

    October 12th, 2006

Carrie Cizauskas
May 2005
Milwaukee, WI
Oakland, CA, USA
I am:
Female and Taken
Photographer, Scientist
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