Since 1979, Ars Electronica has been exploring the shaping of the future and the impact of new technologies on our lives, with the focus always on the role of people, the cultural and social challenges, and the resulting creative opportunities. Ars Electronica has developed an internationally successful platform from the innovative exchange and interplay between art, technology and society.


… this is Ars Electronica


Ars Electronica is a cultural institution, an educational facility and an R&D lab based in Linz, Austria. Like no other institution, Ars Electronica represents a comprehensive approach in the confrontation with techno-cultural phenomena and enjoys a worldwide reputation for excellence. It is comprised of several divisions:


The ARS ELECTRONICA FESTIVAL (since 1979) takes place every September in Linz. Every year, more than 1,000 artists and scientists, creators and engineers, activists and entrepreneurs from all over the world take part and present their projects and visions for the future. In 2020 the first hybrid Ars Electronica in the era of Corona was also a huge success. And it was virtually sold out, the first “Kepler’s Garden” on the beautiful campus of the Johannes Kepler University Linz. Photo collection


The PRIX ARS ELECTRONICA (since 1987) is the world's most lucrative and traditional competition for artistic works at the interface of science and technology. First awarded in 1987, the competition documents the worldwide influence of media art, with around 4,000 submissions from more than 100 countries every year. Photo collection


The ARS ELECTRONICA CENTER (since 1996) focuses on exhibitions, educational programs, and training sessions, which are guided by the question of how new technologies and sciences will change our lives and how we can play an active and self-confident role in shaping our future. In 2019 the Ars Electronica Center recorded 192,000 visitors, a record number despite - or perhaps because of - a complete redesign of the building which saw large parts of the Museum closed and inaccessible due to reconstruction work. Photo collection


The ARS ELECTRONICA FUTURELAB (since 1996) stands for inspiration and creativity. Here, artists, engineers and developers work together as a team and promote artistic projects or conduct contract research. Photo collection


create your world (since 1998) is Ars Electronica's initiative for young people: Who decides, how the next generation will be in 20 years? Which technologies will be used then? How is our society developing? Which artistic ideas can help us? Innovative ideas, themes and projects can be found at create your world, which is divided in three parts: ronica is divided in three parts: u19 - create your world, create your world Festival and create your world Tour. Photo collection


ARS ELECTRONICA EXPORT (since 2004) is collaborating with partners from the worlds of art and culture, science and education, business and industry on projects all over the world. The spectrum ranges from exhibitions and presentations to performances and interventions to conferences, workshops, training, and mentoring sessions. Photo collection


ARS ELECTRONICA SOLUTIONS (since 2012) turns the creations and prototypes of the Ars Electronica ecosystem into marketable products for business and industry. Photo collection


ARS ELECTRONICA JAPAN was established in 2016. Especially in Tokyo and Osaka Ars Electronica works together with leading Japanese universities, museums and companies, develop and present artistic projects, design workshop series and Open Labs and dedicate themselves to the future of the digital society in conferences. Photo collection

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