Man, perhaps if you were not to wear those copper bracelets on your wrist to prevent the flow of free radicals in your blood or whatever then you wouldn't get those green stains on your wrist, you know? ..... But at the same time if our blood was composed more like some creatures I heard of in the sea, then you would bleed green blue instead of red, on account of those creatures that live there, I think maybe they live down real deep.. they have copper in their blood instead of iron, now when iron comes out of the body it turns red like blood, but when copper comes out it turns blue, I mean think about like how if you leave a piece of iron out for a long time it turns rust-red, and if you leave a piece of copper out for a long time it turns all blue green right? I mean imagine that shit if it were real, all the colors would be different, imagine if in every action movie there was just blue green all over the place, and fire engines would probably be blue green instead of red because it wouldn't mean the same thing anymore. It's all connected man, just like those copper bracelets that you bought off the fucking late night tv show whatever are a circle, but they're not perfect, just connected right.....

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