Apparati Effimeri is a group of visual artists established in 2008 in Bologna, Italy.

Visual mapping 3D will become the main thecnique employed by the Apparati Effimeri: this is basically a process of digital 3 dimensional elaboration applied to architecture.The most interesting field of research of visual mapping focuses on the building, where its architecture becomes a live screen of video projections as well as the subject itself.This new projection technique and the smooth / bright surplus that this brings on, produce highly spectacular effects which open up infinite new creative applications.

Bologna, their new hometown, is the first to realize their potential. In 2008 the group take part in “Stradebluarte”, a project cured by Chiara Pilati for the city municipality.

Their work on the Testoni Theatre in Casalecchio di Reno, marks their official entrance into a established art system, having by now grown a new expressive need to get out from the dark and hidden underworld of the club scene.

With the simple but very symbolic gesture of “bringing the projectors out” of the clubs and into the streets, they start communicating with the city and temporarily making it their own. Through Live performances on public buildings, Apparati Effimeri transform the very skin of the city’s architecture; thanks to the heterogeneous power of light, they are able to create every time out-and-out new ephemeral frameworks which actualize that festival spirit and clima typical of the public party during the Renaissance and Baroque period. The magic engagement betweeen the artist and the people is recreated and lead to a complete absorption of the participants. The spectators’ (audience) emotional involvement is always very intense, because they feel dragged into a new enhanced reality. In 2009 Apparati Effimeri take part in “Cesena Itinerario Festival” (with their work on the Triumphal Arch) and in San’Arcangelo di Romagna International Festival “Teatro in Piazza” where they deliver their famous performance on the Rocca Malatestiana. To be able to work with the Historic identity, allows the artists to (en-) lighten both the “weight” of the structure of the building as well as the “weight of the centuries”. The show is the result of a bond that they engage with the architectural site, that they then elaborate in order to realize their performance.Apparati Effimeri’s effort focuses indeed on enhancing the architecture and on creating a relationship with it through the use of contemporary technologies.

3D Architectual Visual mapping on buidings lead to some considerations about the relations that the performance arouse in the audience. Their works become a new subject in terms of public art thanks to a new language that deploys the more innovative technologies.The artists create “inclusive” works which crossbreed among different disciplines (cinema, video, theatre, light design, street art). They scout the fertile ground of young creativity to start introducing themselves into that official, institutional establishment that promote and support the more advanced experimental artistic output.

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