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I was introduced to Flickr by Honest on 5th January 2005, and have been addicted ever since!

Photography is relatively new to me and only started as a real hobby/passion after I joined Flickr. It has developed into an on and off thing, as you will see from my pictures! I enjoy capturing the moment and then manifesting what is in my mind by manipulating the images and adding words. I love writing. Some of my words are truly personal, while others are just to create a story with the image.

I am very passionate about my faith- any questions on Islam
are welcome.

Thank you Yetti for my first Pro account- Big hugs buddy!

My second generous pro account was courtesy of a person who has requested that he remain anonymous- but a huge thank you to you! Your kindness is much appreciated ;)

The people on my contacts list
are my inspirations as well as good friends- so I invite you all to view their amazing work.

And thank you Honest,
www.flickr.com/photos/crea-tive/ and Le'3z (no link because she has deleted most of her pix :<) for your constant help!


I feel very strongly about the Palestinian cause, and believe in empowering the people. For people living in the UK, I recommend Zaytoun, olive oil from Palestine.

The aim of Zaytoun is to defend the olive tree in Palestine and market its products. The organization works across the West Bank and is focused on working on cooperative principles to give the farmers a stronger voice, invest in agricultural infrastructure and access new markets for their olive oil. The aim is "trade, not aid".

For people in the UK, the shipping cost is slightly high and so Interpal is working with Zaytoun to get this olive oil to more people. (Besides being an ethical cause, the olive oil is mindblowing)

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    acastleblue says:

    "I come here more than she knows… slipping in and out of her photostream. Looking at images... reading words. Thinking.
    I've found that "here" it's the twin guiding stars of beauty and tolerance ~ that chart the way. And in a fractured, sometimes hemorrhaging world those are virtues which make "Aphrodite's photostream" an Oasis to the eye, and to the soul.
    Spend an hour here and you will smile … and you will sigh, and you will promise yourself to return again and again. (And best of all it’s a genuinely sweet promise you will keep!)"

    October 14th, 2007

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    lakerae says:

    "She simmers with life, with barely bridled passions and somehow, like some adept Goddess controlling our sun's fusion, she keeps them all simultaneously flaring but miraculously without injury to the mortals gathered around in awe and amazement.

    I don't know what they feed these astonishing girls from Dubai (raw hydrogen?) but it is a thrill and joy to see them and the wonders they perform with the seeming ease of a magician's sleight of hand trick.

    She's fun, funny, otherwordly talented with a penchant for the occasional left hook 'out of nowhere' photo/word that'll shock and knock you flat on the floor. Her photos are not really contained by their borders, they're overflowing with ideas and emotions and always touched by her soul. If you're new here, fasten your seatbelts, return your tray tables to their orignial upright and locked positions... then hang on, you're in for a thrill!"

    September 21st, 2006

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    Life By Light says:

    "Aphrodite has a talent on photography for all to see, her words and meanings for her work show a soul that is both intelligent and artistic.
    I look forward to future photos.

    December 21st, 2005

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    yettis doings says:

    "Aphrodites' work is always impressive,
    always thought provoking, sometimes provocative always well thought out. Shes' got class, shes' got style and if she wants to she could go a long way in her photographic career."

    March 1st, 2005

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    * Honest * says:

    "Aphrodite's photos are $imply wonderful ! There is always a hidden message in her photos which i find intriguing and always open to interprotation.

    I LoVe the fact that she takes photos that actually say something.. and not just take pictures for the sake of taking pictures."

    February 19th, 2005

January 2005
United Arab Emirates
Berkeley, CA :)
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