THE APERTURE TRADING CORPORATION was co-founded by two photography hobbyists, Frank Tsai and Crispin Lee Jr., in 2001. During those times, only the top-end expensive European studio equipment were available in the Philippines. Thus, the founders decided to bring in mid-priced Asian-made studio equipment here to cater to their own needs as hobbyists as well as to make them accessible to other photographers who could not afford the higher priced European-made products.

Throughout the years, APERTURE TRADING has been engaged in the importation and distribution of professional photo-studio equipment and accessories. From its humble beginnings, it has gradually evolved into a well-known quality imaging solutions provider in the country.

Our goal is to be a one-stop photo-video equipment resource center for photographers and imaging studio operators in the Philippines. We aim to bring to the market innovative, cost-effective, quality imaging solutions to our clients ranging from hobbyists to professionals. We have recently expanded our product lines to cater to the ID card market.

At APERTURE TRADING, we are committed to making your experience with us as pleasant and as enjoyable as possible. Because we understand the value of being able to see, touch, feel, and experiment the equipment in order to make an informed purchasing decision, we have set up a showroom to cater to this need.

Our friendly sales and support teams are trained to listen and discuss your needs, provide suggestions on how to get your photo-shoot and imaging job done and recommend equipment that would best meet your needs.

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