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    Martin Q says:

    "Anyhoo makes me laugh - sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. He has a keen sense of humour, and an even keener eye for beauty, even drawing it out of the most mundane of subjects.

    He publishes the hits, the misses and the maybes, crits himself mercilessly and thus shares the photographic process in a unique way. It is not an exaggeration to say that he has taught me everything I know about art in photography. (Well, OK, it is an exaggeration, but I still felt like saying it.)

    Anyhoo is also the only other person I have met who breaks off from a conversation because he's just seen something which:
    (a) would be worth taking a photo of,
    (b) reminds him of another photo he took once,
    (c) reminds him of a photo he wishes he'd taken, or
    (d) all of the above

    For these reasons, I am proud to call Anyhoo...

    ...well, 'Anyhoo', I suppose."

    June 1st, 2007

September 2004
I am:
Male and Single
BDCThomas Photography