Took a little break from this page, but an email from someone unhappy about the state of one of my groups made me realize that there are people out there who really do care. So I fixed the problem and decided to start participating again.

Shortly after this, I found a box of stereo cards, inherited from my Grandma Van Noate, which I thought had been lost. Some of these are quite interesting, so I am sharing them. I also found some art history slides depicting American folk art - this ties in nicely with my new venture into the world of selling things at an antique mall (proceeds going to my non-profit rescue for discarded and abandoned pointer dogs).

Copyright notice:

Some of these photos are on a bit of a lock down due to abuse. I am a strong advocate for copyright and do not tolerate abusers. Photos are here for you to enjoy, not steal. The stereo photos are in the public domain - most of them are of low quality printing, and would not reproduce well, so just enjoy looking at them.

Copyright notice: If you are interested in any sort of use of any of these images - please contact me at dogs.hope @ (remove spaces). They are not free for you to use.

About me, mostly about my attitude. I prefer to tell the truth from my own perspective. May step on toes. Have a great deal of respect for some of the wonderful people and images here.

More projects: i am working my way through my mother's slides, only posting a few where I know the people or the event or think they may add to our knowledge. I have a pile of old photos to work on as well - life here pretty busy with way too many dogs in my rescue shelter. Thank goodness to have an outlet and a bit of a chance to connect with the outside world.

Most of my subjects are animals (dogs) or the natural world - I live in a wooded area, surrounded by agricultural fields, am very interested in documenting, and encouraging an interest in preservation, as well as responsible animal relationships - these are documented on my other Flickr site: my other flickr site where I post up pictures of my dogs and judithsviews.

Previously I scanned some of my drawings. Hope you enjoy looking at them. Please do not use these pictures on a web site or for any commercial purpose - they are property of my brother and myself. If you really see something you would like to use - send email.

All of the drawings, with one exception are by me. The pictures come from many sources, mostly found, but some I have taken.

Many of the old photos were collected by my brother, known as MrWaterslide on flickr. These photos give a pretty good picture of domestic life (with dogs) in the United States (a few from England or Scotland) over the past century.

When I was young I did not take pictures, but both of my parents did. They took mostly slides with a 35 mm camera. We would have slide shows from time to time, My father had an enlarger (kept in his darkroom at his office where they developed x-rays). I remember going with him to make prints.

Brother John and I did not take pictures - I think it was just too expensive. I did have a brownie camera, but I didn't get to use it much at all. I was also quite interested in drawing.

I got my first really usable camera when I was in graduate school as a give away for opening a bank account. Most of the slides posted up here and on my other flickr site were taken with that camera.

I got a professional 35 mm camera in about 1979. It was still really expensive to take lots of photos although I was very interested in photography.

Many interests, too many ideas. I am a retired librarian, now working full time at Dogs Hope (my rescue).

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