One shot, one opportunity

Thank you all my dear friends kindly comment and fave my photos!!!

Lake Tekapo

I started to love shooting fotos since 2000 when I first came to New Zealand. I got an Olympus IS200 (film), it's an automatic camera, but has very good abilities to capture beautiful scenery here. I also got a Sony F707, my first digital camera. I learn how to use filters and start to love long exposure shots from F707.

I normally shoot fotos for sunset only. That's because I found hard to get up for sunrise shots, and even I finally wake up and drive to the locations I plan to, I still couldn't get the shots better than sunsets. And sunrise looks exactly like sunset shots, so what's the point anyway??

My Most Interesting Shots

Good Morning Taiwan
I ♥ Taiwan ^ ^

:: Hooray ::

My equipments:
Sony DSC-R1 (2005)
Velbon Tripod
Sony remote controls
B+W CPL filter
Kenko ND8
some piece of black cards ^^

How about flickr? A friend told me about flickr about two years ago by showing her personal favorite list. I thought this function was quite interesting by add someone's photos to my pocket, I can learn how to composite by browsing someone's photos! That's why I join flickr. I then define flickr as an "online album" for my personal use only. Now I think flickr is one of the place for meeting people like shooting photos!

:: Lupins are back ::

In March 2009, I have my first DSLR in life: Nikon D700 + 24-70 2.8ED, and here is the outcome of my first attempted sunset shot:

Opening Ceremony

I haven't controlled this machine quite well yet, still not familiar with the focus and darker viewfinder, and most importantly, I now using ND64 to play with my black card so it's more darker and hard to composite if I fit it on. Anyway I'll continue my DSLR experiment and try to catch it up to my previous R1!!

By the way, New Zealand is one of the most beautiful country I ever been to. ( well, I only been to Taiwan and here anyway ) I hope you all enjoy my fotos, and thanks for reading my unpro-file. :D

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    Daniel Murray (southnz) says:

    "I’ve followed Anthony’s work for the past couple of years and without doubt his uploads are amongst my most keenly anticipated. Every shot is exquisitely composed and he is the master of light and exposure (just look at this black card shots!). He truly shows off the beauty of New Zealand…I especially look forward to his trips to the South Island. Anthony, please come down here more often!! :-)"

    July 17th, 2009

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    bryan lowe says:

    "I hardly know Anthony at all.. I have never met him. However Anthony's photos are ALWAYS... ALWAYS my favourite landscapes. He takes eye catching imagery that wouldnt be out of place in some of the top magazines around the world. He shoots clean, shoots with thought and does it really really well. Thanks Anthony I watch your stream with interest."

    September 17th, 2008

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    Birds of the South says:

    "One of my favourite photographers on FLICKR and it's great that he's here operating in my home town. His seascape work and use of the "Black Card Technique" is simply brilliant."

    May 20th, 2008

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    slippay says:

    "Some of the best Landscape and Seascape images I have seen on Flickr. Not to mention other subjects captured inbetween. Having a passion for landscapes, nature, and just plain exploring myself, I find Anthonyko's photostream inspirational and instrumental towards my own work. I believe he has what is called, "The natural eye," for composition that some people just posess. I also believe that his work proves that patience and persistence are true elements to good photography, and not rooted in all the equipment one posesses. I will keep watching as his photos emerge, and hopefully keep growing myself along the way."

    February 25th, 2008

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    Life_With_Auto_Focus says:

    "Anthony, is an incredibly talented photographer with an incredible eye for detail. his images are always carefully thought through and have the most amazing impact. he is a master at his art and has his exposure control perfected. I am lucky to have met him.. because he is a genuinely great guy as well!!!"

    December 9th, 2007

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