I started off taking a few photographs but now my camera goes everywhere with me (my little friend). As I am disabled, I get a lot of joy out of taking photographs, as they are each a special moment! which you can share with others. I love to see the beauty in our world and share it with others.

I have a great interest in art and that is why you will see a lot of my photographs have color in them ( maybe a magpie in previous life!), I love nature! and it does not matter how small it is, it can be as beautiful and gentle as an elephant.

I have taken an interest and appreciation of how beautiful some graffiti artists works are, even personalised tags have design color and imagination in them - I do feel this is a way that some people are able to express their art and feelings and there should be more legal areas for this art to be carried out.

I have made many contacts and friends. I have just started a photographic course with The Photography Institute and am not sure if this was the right thing, as there is so much in photography and so much to learn.

Thank you for showing an interest in my photography.

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  • Collage no. 199: ****************APPLAUSE to the excellent photos of the ELITE - TOPs of THIS 1 by © the-best-is-yet-to-come ©
  • My collage no. 125: **********Honors to the excellent photos of the ELITE - TOPs of THIS 1 by © the-best-is-yet-to-come ©
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Anthony Falla
January 2008
London, UK
I am:
Registered Disabled