I live in Maynooth, Kildare, Ireland... I love photography, its fun and for me... I am a mature student ... not that old though...

Anything and everything is possible.
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This should probably be taped
to your bathroom mirror
where one could read it every day.
You may not realize it,
but it's 100% true.

1. There are at least two people in this world
that you would die for.

2. At least 15 people in this world
love you in some way.

3. The only reason anyone would ever hate you
is because they want to
be just l like you.

4. A smile from you can bring happiness to anyone,
even if they don't
like you.

5. Every night,
SOMEONE thinks about you
before they go to sleep.

6. You mean the world to someone.

7. You are special and unique.

8. Someone that you don't even know exists loves you.

9. When you make the biggest mistake ever,
something good comes from it.

10. When you think the world has
turned its back on you, take another look.

11. Always remember the compliments you received.
Forget about the rude remarks.

If you are a loving friend,
send this to everyone,
including the one that sent it to you.
If you get it back, then they really do love you.

And always remember.....
When life hands you lemons,
Ask for Gin and Ginger beer and call me over!!

Good friends are like stars.....
You don't always see them,
But you know they are always there.

'Whenever God Closes One Door He Always Opens Another, Even Though
Sometimes It's Hell in the Hallway.'

I would rather have one rose and a kind word
from a friend while I'm here
than a whole truck load when I'm gone.

Forward to all your friends.
And don't tell me you're too busy for this..
Don't you know the phrase
'stop and smell the flowers'?
See how many 'bouquets' you end up with!

Happiness keeps You Sweet,
Trials keep You Strong,
Sorrows keep You Human,
Failures keeps You Humble,
Success keeps You Glowing,
But Only
God keeps You Going

Mail her back to me

'Worry looks around, sorry looks back, Faith looks up.'

Have faith.

am or. Get yours at bighugelabs.com/flickr


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Anything and everything is possible.
Please pick up your copy here for display on your profile.

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    ElleJay Photography says:

    "am or's photo's refelct the person she is, creative and unique. She takes beautiful pictures and is an overall awesome photographer. Well done am or, keep it up!"

    April 29th, 2009

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    maggiolina58 says:

    "AnnMari is one of the first contacts I had on Flickr, but it has taken very little for me to consider her a friend. She's always so friendly and kind and you can feel her friendship in her words. Unfortunately I don't know her personally, but I'm sure that she is a "bella persona", as we say about beautiful people here in Italy. And you can feel this not only from the comments, which are always so regular, but above all from her photos:bright colours, wonderful light, original angles, compositions, subjects. Not to talk about titles, descriptions and quotations!
    Another thing which I love in AnnMari: her photostream is like an open window through which she shares parts of her life with her friends on Flickr and I am so glad to have the honour to look through that window.
    Thanks AnnMari."

    April 14th, 2009

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    † K-Bar-B Ranch ♫ † says:

    "AnnMari ... ... ... Well .
    She Rocks !
    She's Always Right On !
    She Works Hard !
    She is A GR8 Contact !
    She is Inspirational !
    We Thank Her For Putting Up With Us!
    God Has Blessed Her !
    What A Bundle of Joy She is!"

    March 19th, 2009

  • view profile

    Chris*Bolton says:

    "A lovely lady and a fine Flickr contact.
    Her appreciation for beauty is evident in all her shots, and very creative with it.
    Thanks Ann Mari for your friendship on Flickr !!!"

    March 12th, 2009

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    DoodleDancer says:

    "I just want one of her beautiful flower shots!!!!!
    To go with her endless sweet comments!
    As contacts go a REAL keeper!

    March 10th, 2009

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    Heccastudio / I see you soon says:

    "Am_or has a special vision of the kinds of objects.
    his art stands out from others in detail their feelings.
    Your photo is sweet, full of sensitivity.
    Is an honor to have as a friend to this great artist is Am_or.

    March 8th, 2009

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    dart1007 says:

    "AnnMari is a very talented artist and photographer! She is my very first contact here at Flickr.
    Her photos are a blessing that lifts us from the daily struggles. She's kind and warm hearted.
    She's always there to support and give her kind words! Keep up the great work you do!!"

    March 5th, 2009

  • view profile

    Mike926. says:

    "AnnMarie takes some fantastic pictures which inspires me to keep taking shot myself, I don't personally know AnnMarie but I do think she is a fantastic photographer she loves taking pictures and for me she gets better and better every shot, love your work AnnMarie"

    February 19th, 2009

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    Hawra'a Safar says:

    "AnnMari ,, I don't know her n person but I think she is so kind & talented,, I simply like ut work,, keep up the great work ;*

    February 10th, 2009

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    Uncle Foto says:

    "AnnMari alias am or is a Photographer and a natural born Artist, i love her photostreams because she shares with us her fotos of her wonderful family, friends, travels and her immediate surroundings. Her photos are full of life, inspirational and exudes positive outlooks. i like those a lot.

    As a flickr contact, she gives encouraging comments. I think and I feel she is a very wonderful person. Thanks and Cheers !!"

    September 14th, 2008

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