My father infected me with the both the photography- and the love-for-nature virus...

I'm not an 'artist' photographer, only an amateur photographer of the nature that surrounds me. That way I try to collect the wild flowers in my country, not wanting to make a picture of stunning beauty, but to make a more-or-less botanical correct impression of the plant.


But I think I have to admit, that in the course of the years, I have been trying more and more to enhance the quality of my pictures. Nevertheless, part of my pictures only serve the goal of documenting observations in nature, and don't have the slightest artistic quality.


I seldom add my pictures to groups that ask 'post 1, comment 33' or things like that. I want my comments to be sincere, I do not comment because I 'have to', but because I want to express my appreciation.

For the same reason, I try to say more than just 'nice capture', but to tell what exactly captured my attention...

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